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Women Who Rock – The Triple R Girl For October is Camille Escobedo of Beretta76

coverWelcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Triple R Girl feature! I’m your new editor, Allegra. Listen up, people: ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY, and I’ll tell you what – WOMEN own it!

Our October Triple R Girl of 2009 is Camille Escobedo. She’s not only the front woman of Beretta76; she’s also the songwriter/guitarist/glue that brings the band together.

They rock. Imagine an amalgamation of garage/punk/rock/sex + awesome, and there you have it. Camille is our Triple R Girl because she’s talented, gorgeous, and knows how to make it happen. She and her band are on their way, and we hope our interview with her will inspire other women to ROCK.

We, at the Rock and Roll Report, are THRILLED to have had some one on one time with Camille, and here’s what happened: