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Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa offer free MP3 download

For a free download of the track ‘Well Well’ from the new album, click this link:


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Beth Hart, known for her raw and powerful blues-rock sound, wraps her expressive vocals around classic soul covers on Don’t Explain, an album that grew out of her friendship with the acclaimed Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa. The album will be released in the UK and Europe on Monday 26th September by Provogue Records.

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Whiskey Six on their blues/rock fusion sound, live performances, and drinkin’ whiskey (of course)

Born from the mating of down-country blues and modern rock, Arizona quartet Whiskey Six delivers a hybrid sound that is truly unique and that resonates with fans from both genres. The band’s self-titled EP combines classic blues riffs, striking vocals, and great guitar work, so it’s no wonder it has received positive reviews and radio play from local and national media.

Chris, Mongo, Raf and Matt balance the act of staying current, while appreciating the true roots of rock music. In an era of over-the-top productions and lyrics with little meaning, Whiskey Six play the music they like and stand firmly behind what they do. Here, the band talks to us about the roots of their original sound, what fans can expect from their live shows, and more.

Q: Since it’s no secret why Whiskey Six is the name of the band, but there are now four members, can we expect a name change in the near or distant future?

A: Over a year ago, the band was just Chris, Mongo, and Raf – six testicles. It was a great name. Then Matt came along and well, we spent a lot of money on the logo, so we’re not changing the name. Unless someone wants to lose a pair, we’re keeping the name as is!