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Scott Homewood Connects with the Soul of Betty Harris

betty-harris.jpgBetty Harris – Intuition

Great soul music is like tonic for what ails you, I find. Whenever I am in a depression about something in my life that’s been dragging me down I like to put on same great soul music and just about instantly I am joyful once again. I am not completely sure why my mood changes so suddenly but there has always been a great statement about blues music that may relate: that it’s great to listen to when your mood is sour because you listen to all of the bad things the singer is singing about and you feel a little better about yourself and your own life. Blues is not feel bad music, it’s feel better about your own situation music and since soul is just a generation removed from blues, it seems to have the same affect, at least on me.

The effect is a great juxtaposition about the lives of the very musicians and singers who create soul music. While many, if not most, of them have come from deep poverty and end up returning to it due to musical tastes changing, bad business deals, drug problems, what have you – the music which they’ve created makes me feel great though it may not always have served their lives well. Not that they may be sad, but there are so many sad soul stories it would make Badfinger’s story seem like a fairy tale.