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The Edification of Lick And A Promise

You may have recently read my review of Come Together In The Morning by Lick And A Promise. Well, I have just had a chat with them regarding their formation, influences and instrument choice. They also talked a little about their recent US mini tour and their hopes for a similar tour in the UK.

Q: Can you give us a little more info on how Lick And A Promise came together in 2005?

A: Jochen and Manuel have been playing together in different bands like, forever and recorded their first real album in 2006. A year after they’ve founded Lick And A Promise. The record, which they had to produce on their own after some falling out with the original producer (but he’s a homefuck anyway), was alright, but things just didn’t really work out with the other band members. So the band kinda drifted apart without ever having played a single gig together.

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Ingram Hill’s Justin Moore talks new album, label change, best band name ever, and reveals his Milli Vanilli-loving days

Ingram Hill is a pop rock trio based in Memphis, TN, excited to release their third album, Look Your Best, on September 28. Look Your Best is their first record on the Rock Ridge Music label, following 2004’s June’s Picture Show, which yielded the hits “Will I Ever Make it Home” and “Almost Perfect”, and 2007’s excellent, but underrated, Cold In California. We had the honor to ask Ingram Hill’s Justin Moore about the band’s new record and recent label change, and discover his secret Milli Vanilli-loving days.

Q: Thank for taking the time for the interview. I understand you and [guitarist] Phil have been friends since kindergarten, so I would guess that by now you almost read each other’s minds – How has your lifelong friendship factored into the songwriting for Ingram Hill?

A: Thanks for interviewing us! I think at this point, we just try to impress each other with our songwriting. Since we’ve known each other for so long, it takes a lot to get a compliment out of one another, so we really just try to get a reaction. Half the time I already know what one of his songs is going to sound like, as he does mine, so if we can get a “wow” out of each other, it’s a good thing.

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CD Review: Black Crowes “Before the Frost…Until the Freeze”

before the frost“Before the Frost…Until the Freeze” is the latest opus from The Black Crowes, an ambitious project divided into two parts totaling twenty new studio tracks. Kudos to the band for not stabbing fans in the back with the trendy bullshit “deluxe” editions of the CD release. The “Before the Frost” CD includes a card allowing access to download the “Until the Freeze” mp3s for no extra charge. The entire project was recorded in just five nights in front of a live studio audience, explaining the audible applause at the end of each track. Also very cool – the CD looks just like an LP.

To put my review in perspective, my top three favorite Black Crowes records are: “By Your Side” (1999), “Shake Your Money Maker” (1990), and “Three Snakes and One Charm” (1996). I believe this year’s release is going to be my fourth favorite.