Osheaga 2011 in review: When does a lot become too much?

It seems the current trend with music festivals is to focus on cramming as many acts as possible onto as many stages as possible, in as few days as possible, pushing the ideas of comfort, enjoyment and feasibility much, much lower down the priorities list.

Montreal’s annual Osheaga festival is known for bringing audiences a wide array of performances, from different genres and regions of the world, but this year’s installment seemed to fall victim to the aforementioned trend. Now, before you decide whether you agree with my review or not, please allow me to plead my case.

Artists and Bands

RockAngel’s Weekly Radar – The Working Title

bone-islandThe Weekly Radar is here to bring you the artists, albums and songs that might not be on your musical radar, but should be.  This week, I’d like to introduce you to Joel Hamilton—the mastermind behind The Working Title.

The new album Bone Island just came out on the 12th and is nothing short of a musical masterpiece.  However, The Working Title has been releasing consistently well-crafted albums since 2003 and has since matured like a fine wine.  Since their initial EP in 2003, the band has dwindled down to the bare bones of only Joel Hamilton and the producing genius known as Jake Sinclair with mixing done by Claudius Mittendorfer (Mars Volta, Muse, Maroon 5, Brand New).  As the layers of the band peeled away, Joel really found his voice and the new album finds its way into contention for my vote of one of the best albums of the year so far.