RockAngel’s Weekly Radar – White Rabbits and…

white-rabbitsThis week, RockAngel’s Weekly Radar brings you White Rabbits and…The Subjects? Normally I wouldn’t be so quick to write about a band that’s already made it to the satellite radio rotation like White Rabbits, but after seeing both of these bands live last night, I have their musical energy oozing out of me and straight into the Rock and Roll Report.

Of course, after saying that Last Night’s Vice was the best thing out of Missouri ever, I am forced to eat my words as White Rabbits hail from that same state (though now they are based in Brooklyn) and rock just as hard.  Originally seduced by the lead track Percussion Gun from their new album It’s Frightening, I explored the rest of it and realized this band is really on to something.  With a smooth Spoon sort of feel (hmmm, may have something to do with the creative hand of Brit Daniel on this album) and a rugged Cold War Kids intensity, White Rabbits manage to create something that is nothing short of music heaven.   They put more creativity into one song than most put into a whole album.