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CD Review: Bryan Estepa – Sunday Best (Pop Boomerang Records)

Austrialian Bryan Estepa comes into his oiwn with his second solo CD, the excellent Sunday Best, on Pop Boomerang Records. A part of Sydney’s music scene for an extended period, Estepa has been in such popular indie bands Down Under as Swivel and Hazey Jane. During a brief spell between those bands, Estepa stuck his toes in the water as a solo artist long enough to record an EP under the name Adeline in 2003. He fully embraced a solo career in 2006 when he released his first full-length CD, All The Bells and Whistles, which was filled to the brim with catchy pop containing smidges of Loved by the critics, the album was a great first step for Estepa to test his solo skills and try to find his footing.