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Deep Grooves: Carla Olson – Detroit ’85 Live and Unreleased and Carla Olson and Mick Taylor – Too Hot For Snakes (Collector’s Choice)

Roots rock fans rejoice! Another batch of Carla Olson albums have been re-released by the music fanatics at Collector’s Choice. For those who are unaware of Olson’s career and what her music is all about, think of her as a female Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen. Olson has a innate talent to writing songs based on the hopes, dreams, trials, travails, failures and successes of the everyday man and woman trying to survive in today’s world. Olson’s songs are not songs about limousine rides and the rich, these are songs about feelings and experiences everyone shares.That she manages to combine her proletariat poetry with fiery, Stones-like raunch and roll and create something completely her own despite her influences is a testament to her talent. What a shame it is Olson was never appreciated when she was at her recording peak. Thanks to Collector’s Choice reissuing most of Olson’s work (of which these two releases are some of her best) music fans once again get a chance to appreciate Olson’s talent and her knack for passionate rock and roll.