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CD Review: Cellbound “Fallen Angels of Sui Caedere”

Cellbound_-_Fallen_Angels_of_Sui_Caedere_coverWhen you hear an album that “speaks” to you, it makes it that much more enjoyable to listen to it. That describes my experience listening to the new debut release from the Cleveland, OH band Cellbound. The CD, “Fallen Angels of Sui Caedere,” is the type of album that makes you wish for the good old days, musically speaking, when musical styles hadn’t changed.

“Fallen Angels of Sui Caedere” from Cellbound features what could be considered as “classic” Heavy Metal; the type of Heavy Metal that existed back about 15 years ago, before there was anything called “rap-metal,” back when Heavy Metal stood alone as its own musical style and not part of some current, modern-day hybrid combination musical style.