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Multi-talented Charley Young Celebrates Release of Remix of “Hold the Moon”

Charley Young is a young individual who has set her sights on several different career paths at the same time. From time to time, you can find Young performing on-stage in theatrical plays and in musical theater. You can also find her in many on-screen roles. She has spent countless hours honing her skills as an actor.

Going along with the actor side of her, Charley Young has been increasing her presence as a singer, a role she puts to use when onstage performing in musical theatre.  As a singer, Young’s vocals are rather reminiscent of Amy Lee of the band Evanescence. As a matter of fact, some of her music contains a slight influence from the Alternative Rock group itself. As of late, Young has been rather busy recently as she has released three singles of her music since the beginning of 2019. Currently, Charley Young is celebrating the release of the Remix version of her track “Hold the Moon”.

As far as the initial track of “Hold the Moon” is concerned, the track features a sound that makes use of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as the main feel of the music. The track also features a relaxed pace to that music. The track’s music takes some influence from 80’s New Wave and adds a strong beat to it. And while there is a relaxed feel to the music, there is still plenty of energy to the music of the song. What results is a low-key track that would be right at home in any Club settings.

Having already mentioned the fact that Young is celebrating the release of a remix of the track, “Hold the Moon (Retro Mix)” takes that initial track and bumps up the energy level to the beats of the song. While the original version of the song would be right at home within the setting of a dance club, the slightly harder mix creates a track that could be used by the deejays to transition the music from a slow track to much quicker songs. Whether you take the original version of “Hold the Moon” or the Retro Mix of the song, the song is sure to get you dancing along to the music.

Right now, Charley Young is celebrating the release of “Hold the Moon” as her latest single. However, “Hold the Moon” is far from being the only track from Charley Young. To go along with the current track of “Hold the Moon,” Young has also release two other tracks within the 2019 year. Joining the aforementioned track, Young has also released the tracks “Greedy” and “Fiery Storm” since the beginning of the year.

The track “Greedy” from Charley Young finds the musician changing musical directions as the track leaves behind the EDM that had been part of the track “Hold the Moon”. Instead of EDM, “Greedy” contains a rather strong Alternative influence to the track. But just like with the track “Hold the Moon” the song “Greedy” contains a slightly relaxed feel to the music. The combination of the music on the track and Young’s vocals creates a track that brings to mind a lighter version of the style of the band Evanescence. And where the track “Hold the Moon” feels as if it would be right at home within a Club scene, the “Greedy” single would be right at home on any Hot Adult Contemporary and/or Top 40 radio format.

Just like with the current single of “Hold the Moon,” Charlie Young has also put out a remix to the track “Greedy”. The “Jimmy Greco Remix” of the track completely changes the feel of the track. The laidback feel of the initial track is completely done away with. The “Jimmy Greco Remix” contains a quicker pace as well as a strong EDM approach to the music. The result is a track that, once again, would send the music of Charley Young out onto the dance floor. Every so often, you find a remix of a song that not only changes the feel of the original track; it actually makes the song stronger. This is one of those times when the remix is better than the original.        

The final of the three tracks that have been released by Charley Young during 2019 is the track “Fiery Storm”. With this track, Young brings back the feel of EDM that was evident in the song “Hold the Moon”. With this track, Young slows things down quite considerably. This is easily the slowest track of the three released this year. Along with the EDM direction, the track also contains an additional element of R&B flavor. That blend creates the most unique of the three tracks that Charley Young has produced thus far this year.

Charley Young keeps herself busy with the actor side of her personality as well as the musician side of her. The three songs released this year from the musician side of Young are just the beginning. If you count the remixes that go along with the singles of “Hold the Moon” and “Greedy,” you change the number to five tracks. While Charley Young has yet to put out an album, you can find the three songs mentioned and plenty of other earlier tracks from the artist online.

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