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CD Review: Covered Call – Money Never Sleeps (Blistering Records)

covered-callWhile listening to this I closed my eyes and….BAM……there it was, 1991 again and that whole grunge mess never happened. This stuff is pure vintage hair metal! Though, without any bios for this stuff, I am not sure if they have long hair or not. They sure have that melodic hair metal rock sound down though and I can see them being a huge, huge deal in the time when that kind of music was big and maybe today if only that kind of music were still hot. Still, this stuff is very catchy and hard rocking as hell and I can hear it on the radio in my mind’s ear as it is very well produced and sounds as if no corner was cut.

Hailing from Sweden, this band deserves stadiums and tons of hits, though I am not sure if they are of the right time to see it actually happen. Still, this is a fun flashback and I had a great time listening to it so I can’t knock it at all, though I am sure this band will not get much airplay or get on any charts. Won’t stop me from listening, though!