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CD Review: Dead Poets – Starving Artist (Level Media House)

dead poets webLet’s face it: since the early 1980’s rock and roll in all of its’ forms has been pretty much passe. The chords have all been struck, the modes and scales shredded and re-shredded like yesterday’s coleslaw and all the melodies sound re-hashed and unmemorable. And while there are plenty of bands and artists that excite me musically, they aren’t exactly paving any new ground. They simply do what they do well enough for me to think they have what it takes to make some noise in a big way. Some excel at what they do so much it almost makes me think they have a chance at setting the world on fire and come with something totally transcendent down the line. A select few make me believe that rock and roll might have a chance. Most however, just do the bar band thing and are competent enough to get to a certain level but no higher (hello John Mayer – I am looking at you!) as they carve out a niche for themselves and their coterie of hipper-than-thou fans, most of which would rather keep their “new discoveries” to themselves anyway lest people they find uncool (ie. THE PUBLIC AT LARGE) also somehow enjoy their music, comfort them by saying they “wouldn’t be understood” anyways. But, rising above the din and reconfiguring all of modern music has been the arrival of rap/hip-hop music – bringing the vitality of the streets and combining it with technology to create a style of music both primal and futuristic and discombobulating everything that has come since.