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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Dearanna

In mid 2008, singer/songwriter Aaron Fisher teamed up with local producer/recording engineer Drew LeClair. Mainly to work on songs that Fisher had wrote that were intended for a solo album after his departure from his previous band. Weeks into this project would reveal that the first songs wern’t Fishers’ solo songs anymore, but a collaboration of two guys with serious dedication, devotion and talent working together as a team. Both decided to take on a partnership. Possibly make a record; make a few bucks and have some fun. It didn’t take long to realize that what they were doing was a little more serious than garage demos. The two agreed to take the project on as a more serious endeavor. Soon after the first few tracks were laid and the official myspace page was up; LeClairs’ house on D Avenue where it all started, was back up for rent and the boys were looking for a place to write and record…..on the cheap.