Off the Wall – Michael Jackson Dead at 50

michael-jacksonThe question will be asked for the next few decades: “Where were you when you found out Michael Jackson died?”. Like the deaths of Elvis Presley, John Lennon and the 9/11 tragedy the death of Michael Jackson will become a major milestone people will use to mark the important times of their lives. As our society becomes more and more celebrity-obsessed the instances we will use the lives of celebrities to measure our own will continue to grow, as Jackson’s death reminds us.

Whether you are a fan of Jackson’s music or not, he was a pop culture icon and quite possibly the most well-known person on our planet. That point was hit home when I was working out in the gym yesterday only to be surprised by the headlines accompanying his death. At first, only reported his death – kind of weird as is mostly a gossip site – but soon CNN and Fox News and all of the other more respected news sites soon followed suit. What was unsettling was that most of the others there took his death in stride, not surprised at Jackson’s sudden passing. I am guessing not many actually believed it, being exposed to so many Jackson rumors over the years. Alas, it is true and one of the most talented individuals ever is gone.