It’s a Long Way to the Top – Diary of a 21st Century Rock n Roll Band – The Day Bob Dylan Dies and Do Artists Need Record Labels?

Kurt Dahl leads a double life. First and foremost, he is the drummer of Saskatoon rock band One Bad Son ( Second, he is writing his Master’s of Law thesis on the future of the music industry, and how artists will continue to make money in a digital world.

The Rock and Roll Report contacted him to write a diary for his latest venture: driving to Vancouver to record new songs with Default drummer Danny Craig as producer. Below are his entries…

Saturday Feb. 7th – The Day Bob Dylan Dies

Spent the day listening to guitar takes and thinking about something: What will we do when all our music legends start to die? Will there be anyone that comes close to Dylan, Young, Townsend, Bowie, Cohen, etc? Mitch Mitchell died the other day, and I sat and wondered whether any drummers exist out there with the same rambling, melodic, jazz-on-steroids feel? Doubt it. Just like the Who were a tenth the band once Moon died.