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Strong Killings’ Nate on rotting mansions, dinosaur songs and why playing house parties is the best

We all know that Seattle has proved to be a hotbed and honey pot of music, being the hometown/birthplace of so many great bands. One such band, which is just now emerging from Seattle, is due to release a self-titled debut album on July 19th through Don’t Stop Believin’ Records.

Strong Killings is the band I am telling you about and I have to say that after giving their debut album a thorough testing, Strong Killings really is keeping the spirit of punk alive. This spirit is a truly refreshing beast as Strong Killings combines such a wide variety of the various punk genres without ever losing any energy or attitude. Yes, definitely loud and uncouth, and such a good album; Strong Killings lay down a message of social unease and nonconformity perfectly.