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CD Review: Dr Slaggleberry “The Slagg Factory” EP

dr-slaggleberry 200This is the newest release from a great London band, available from October 12th on Crash Records. It is a true ‘window shaker’, the more I play this, the more I want to play it. This release grabs you by the gizzards and sends you all over the place as its rhythms roll around diverging/merging into a bestial rocking behemoth of tantalizing sound. I would describe the sound as instrumental, experimental prog rock with some psychedelia on top.

The Slagg Factory has five tunes, starting off with ‘Feed me a Stray Cat’, it flows fluently throughout its rolls and rhythms. Truly heavy duty in every respect.

‘Thirteen Grades of Filth’ starts with a dirty guitar chord, the sound of this carries from front to back. A stormer of a tune.