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CD Review: Duke Robillard – Duke Robillard’s Jumpin’ Blues Review (Stony Plain)

dukeAfter many years as a music journalist, not too much excites my jaded soul. I’ve heard too many lackluster albums from superstars who should’ve known better and too many great albums from young flash-in-the-pans who are unable to make lightning strike twice and spend the next 10 years playing to fewer and fewer people as the luster wears off of their talent only to find them back at their dishwashing job older, wiser and tapped out talent-wise. But, that being said, one artist continues to excite me each time I find out he has released a new album or has one on the way and that artist is master guitarist Duke Robillard, who has returned once again with a new album full of vintage blues and roots sounds which harken back to his early days when he helped form Roomful of Blues and was the hottest young guitarist on the scene. Though that was many years ago, Robillard continues to instill his music with the energy and thrilling excitement of youth and make each of his releases his best work yet, as he does with this album.