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CD Review: Emanuel and The Fear S/T

Emanuel and the FearBrooklyn, New York is where you will find the band Emanuel & The Fear. It is this band this ensemble that has recently released their debut self-titled EP on Paper Garden Records.

Emanuel & The Fear has brought back the term “orchestral rock,” and with good reason: The ensemble is a mini orchestra. With strings and brass instruments to fill out their sound. While having the base of rock music, leader/composer Emanuel Ayvas also incorporates people like Rachmaninoff, Beethoven and other composers into the style of their music.

The average rock band has 3 to 4 members in the group, five if you stretch it. So to find a band that has eleven members in it is very unusual. Coupled with the fact that most bands are either Rhythm & Blues based or Blues based, it is a little strange to find a rock band that boasts about having eleven members and being an orchestra.

With the size of the ensemble and the style of their music, Emanuel & The Fear are virtually the only group in the music world today in their situation, with only World Leader Pretend and The Polyphonic Spree as recent contemporaries.

The self-titled release from Emanuel & The Fear has been out since the beginning of 2009. The band’s EP features five songs that make use of their symphonic style.