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Scott Reviews Ernie Halter’s Congress Hotel

ernie-halter.jpgErnie Halter Congress Hotel
Rock Ridge Music

When I stumbled across Ernie Halter’s music while listening to Pandora internet radio in my office one day, I was captivated almost instantly and wondered how his interesting blend of modern pop and soul music had never registered on my radar before. So, I did what I usually do in such cases: exhaustive research. Upon researching Halter, I found I hadn’t heard of him because he is a relatively new artist and this is his first nationally distributed release. Thing is, by the time this review is printed, he may already have released another disc, as I stumbled across this nearly a year after it was released. Still, I have decided to review it because he did not get the proper amount of attention for this release when it first came out and I am so blown away by Halter’s voice I have decided to try to right this wrong starting now.

Halter began in the music business the same way most singer/songwriters do, by playing coffeehouses and open mics. His first full-length album was released in 2005 and was called “Lo-Fidelity”, which was an apt name as the album consisted pretty much of just Halter’s voice back in the mix and his acoustic guitar playing. While pleasant, the album’s sonic drawbacks does not allow for an accurate assessment of Halter’s vocal prowess, though the songs are decent enough.