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Small Town Talk, Big Deal Album

Bobby Charles – Timeless
Rice and Gravy Records

One of the true enigmas of rock and roll music has his posthumous album released on his own label, a label with an uncertain future I am guessing, so you may have to spend a little time hunting this release down. Please do, though (and quickly as I am not sure how long it will be in print) as it is one of the mostg poignant musical statements I have heard in quite a while. There no secret Charles was hurting while making this final disc, and perhaps he knew it would be his last musical statement, one can never tell. What one can tell, however, is that no matter how much he was hurting, how much the pretty much constant health problems over the past decade or so were wearing him down, Charles kept his humor and his sense of humanty intact. It’s in his songs, the little homespun homilies and the musical parables he recorded pretty much through his career and scattered on his much-too-infrequent albums. And what a career!


Some great new Choices from Collector’s Choice!!

One of my fave reissue labels, Collector’s Choice, has recently gotten their music-loving mitts on the whole Cameo-Parkway vault and plans to re-release a bunch of long-forgotten albums by the bands and artists who made the label the success it was in the ’60’s. This batch comprises the first wave of releases from the Cameo-Parkway vaults and those who were into music around that time will no doubt feel the wonderful wave of nostalgia as these albums get put on CD for the first time ever and those new to the music will have a chance to experience some of the finest pop from the early ’60’s.