Omega Crom unveil their ripping metal debut – Blood, Steel & Fire – and hit the road in support

Officially unleashing their debut album – Blood, Steel & Fire – on April 5th via Reversed Records, Vancouver’s Omega Crom have already begun their trek across the great and vast land they call home and are promising to hold nothing back as they tour Canada from West to East.

The Vancouver-based metal lords have been an integral part of the underground scene for many years and have managed to build a solid following thanks to their self-created genre of ripping metal: a progressive blend of power metal, aggressive death, shred and thrash.

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Rock and Roll Report TV: Introducing Fattooth!

FATTOOTH hailing out of Canada is a new form of punk/metal that methodically touches every genre of Rock and Roll imaginable. Hucifer, from Winnipeg, Manitoba relocated to Montreal and discovered the likes of Mihran Boudakian and George Xipoleas. Hucifer’s sensibility and strong lyrical talent was on par with the two innovative technicians and so it began. The three had been in several bands before and culminated their experience, developed a sound that was their own.

Rob Shallcross (Juno award winning engineer, Strapping Young Lad, Zimmer’s Hole, Mr. Plow, Gwar, Darkest Hour and many other talents) came into the picture and according to the plan it seemed fit to create a monster recording. Fattooth and Rob delivered; bringing in Word class drummer Gene Hoglan (Zimmer’s Hole, Testament, Strapping Young Lad, and Death) and The Heathen from Zimmer’s Hole. Aside from being a Raw- Bad Ass original record; self titled Fattooth E.P. is a result of four men’s tenacity and ability to efficiently utilize their available resources. Currently, Fattooth picked up a young phenom drummer; Costa Dimitroulas and have mastered their live set, taken it on the road and have been described as a full-on metallic rock and roll insanity. Check out the site: