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CD Review: Felicia Finley – Great Mood For a Tuesday (Bentley Productions)

When I first received this CD I was sorta impressed by the whole package. Great looking cover with an alluring picture of the artist, intriguing title for the album – I could see this album sitting on the “just released” rack at my local record store and not think twice about it as it looks like it would belong there. But you remember what our parents always taught us about about books, covers and not to judge any of them until you look inside. Or something like that. So, even though I started off impressed, I decided to reserve judgment until I actually listened to Finley’s music to see if a lot of gloss had been applied to tart up something that wasn’t up to par. It wouldn’t be the first time an artist or band had put a ton of money into how something looked just to cover up music that was sorely lacking any quality at all.

So, let’s see, shall we?