Women Who Rock – An Interview with the Barbe-Q-Barbies

barbe-q-barbies starewellLast month we featured Finland’s Barbe-Q-Barbies as a Band of the Week and Katja and Kaisa graciously consented to an interview as well which we present to you here. Enjoy as we talk about the music scene in Finland, being women in the rock and roll game and what the band is up to as they prepare to unleash their debut album on the world. And don’t forget to check out the Band of the Week feature with a free download of the band’s track Escort.

RRR: Is it getting easier for an all girl band to be treated seriously these days are do sexist attitudes still prevail in rock and roll?

Katja: I don’t think it has never been an issue for us. Overall we’ve been treated really well and I haven’t noticed any gender related” problems”. Most people see us as a good rock ‘n roll band, not as a group of chicks. Of course there’s sometimes guys at gigs yelling something like “Show us tits” etc. but we don’t take it too seriously, the good sense of humour is the key. ?

Kaisa: Of course there still are certain attitudes and preconceptions about female rock bands, I think partly because it still is a relatively new phenomenon, women playing rock’n’roll, that is. One of the things we enjoy is to prove those prejudices wrong the second our show starts J

RRR: What is the music scene like in Finland?

Katja: Quite diverse I’d say. A lot of different kinds of bands, genres and gigs/festivals/happenings going on around here all the year round. Finland is often seen as a heavy metal country which is also true; we have some great metal bands but other genres such as old school rock and punk, are going on strong too. You can discover very good new bands on regular basis and it’s amazing how good some young kids are musically for example; there are definitely some genious’ among us waiting to break through.

Kaisa: Very versatile, I think. There are lots of good bands and if you also care to listen to other radio stations besides those playing the same hits over and over again, you can find a lot of great stuff!