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CD Review: Flying Machines “Flying Machines”

FlyingMachinesHopping back and forth between the classic rock sound of Queen to the trendy sound of The Killers, with an occasional side-step into bouncy pop, the Flying Machines hope to blast off in a big way with their new self-titled release. The band has secured a place on the runway having landed some of their music of ‘Psych‘ (USA Network) and winning the Converse ‘Get Out of the Garage’ battle of the bands contest. They’ll also perform at CMJ 2009 and will be featured on the cover of the November CMJ magazine).

William Ryan George can deliver some mad vocals – you’ll see what I mean after a few minutes into the opener “Talk About It”. He blasts into a falsetto that reminds me of last season’s American Idol runner up Adam Lampert. One thing that I normally don’t find myself motivated to comment on are the drums, but I have to give a shout out to the talents of Ken Weisbach for his stunning work here.