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Strong Killings’ Nate on rotting mansions, dinosaur songs and why playing house parties is the best

We all know that Seattle has proved to be a hotbed and honey pot of music, being the hometown/birthplace of so many great bands. One such band, which is just now emerging from Seattle, is due to release a self-titled debut album on July 19th through Don’t Stop Believin’ Records.

Strong Killings is the band I am telling you about and I have to say that after giving their debut album a thorough testing, Strong Killings really is keeping the spirit of punk alive. This spirit is a truly refreshing beast as Strong Killings combines such a wide variety of the various punk genres without ever losing any energy or attitude. Yes, definitely loud and uncouth, and such a good album; Strong Killings lay down a message of social unease and nonconformity perfectly.

Artists and Bands

Clothes Make The Man talk Mark Twain, being awesome and dressing (um, undressing) Ryan Reynolds

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Using this insightful comment from Mark Twain as their banner, Clothes Make The Man have taken Canada by storm. The Toronto-based band, which is comprised of vocalist Ryan McLennan, guitarist Scott Henry, drummer Phil Wilson and bassist Ross Machon, released a new EP on November 2 and has been touring through Ontario and Quebec to promote it. I caught up with Ryan McLennan and Ross Machon before their show at Montreal’s Absynthe to talk about music, movies, Canada and Ryan Reynolds.

Q: That’s a really interesting name. How did you come up with it?

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CD Review: The SSRIs “Effeminate Godzilla-Sized Wind Chimes”

The SSRIs’s often spastic songs mimic manic-depressive tendencies. Highs and lows – a chaotic muddle of emotions, from anger and excitement to lucid periods of sentimentality. In an instant they go from panic attack to a popped anti-anxiolytic and back, and back again, bringing to mind the notion that “mental” is half of the word “sentimental.” If you are seeking some new urgently heavy, but far from straight-forward music, this is the release to check out.

Genre-wise, the SSRIs refuse to fit into any simple category. They now refer to their music as noise-pop; elements of both melody and noise are crucial to their sound. I see it as collage-y, wired post-punk. Stretches of freak-outs followed by chill-outs. It reminds me at times of Die! Die! Die! and the way they play with time signatures is reminiscent of math rockers North of America and Q And Not U. Other listeners have compared the SSRIs to Fugazi, Micachu and the Shapes, Blood Brothers, Health, Liars and the Cardiacs.


Britain’s “Jarmean?” snub albums, embrace absinthe and will choose the ukulele over a guitar any day!

“Jarmean?” is no longer just the popular British time-saving, slang version of “Do you know what I mean?,” but it is now also the moniker of one of the most fabulous, refreshing bands I’ve come across in recent months. The British five-piece fuses punk and vaudeville in an amazingly innovative way and discovering this band was like discovering a diamond in a pile of rocks. Jarmean?

They released their debut single, Mind the Gap, earlier this month and took the time to answer some of my pressing questions in anticipation of the release. Being the cohesive team that they are, they answered all of the questions … together! Talk about uncommon, and awesome.

Jarmean? are: Truman (Ukulele/Crooning + Abuse), Jericho (Smooth Horns), Mr. Fox (Tuba Rapper),  Swanimaru (Baby-Faced Assassin) and Smoochi (She’s Our Bez!) – Their descriptions, not mine!