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CD Review: Future Clouds and Radar – Peoria (Star Apple Kingdom)

This is the second album as Future Clouds and Radar from Robert Harrison, former leader of the great power pop band Cotton Mather, and though Harrison has not lost his ability to combine a pithy lyric with a memorable melody his newest release does not quite stack up with the first release his newest band, a tremendously ambitious double album that put the band on the map in a big way. Despite this, the new CD Peoria has plenty of good songs, just not the big winners and idiosyncratic charms of the first disc. That’s not to say Harrison has lost his touch for a great song, to the contrary, he writes incredible smart-pop songs. He has probably just released this album a little too soon, in my opinion. No doubt wanting to capitalize on the great notices and buzz of his new band, Harrison has put out this collection of songs when, if you think about it, Harrison could have taken some of the great songs on his last album and combined them with the stronger songs on this set and Future Clouds and Radar would have had two killer albums back to back.