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CD Review: Golden Bloom “Fan The Flames”

goldenbloom_4panel_masterGolden Bloom is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Shawn Fogel, an unusually gifted artist ready to blossom in the pop rock garden. “Fan The Flames” is a remarkably good full-length debut from start to finish.

“Fan The Flames” is half sunny and half cloudy, fitting to the lyrical content, which drifts between half-full and half-empty perspectives that address modern societal concerns. Armed with humility and wit, Fogel tackles the issues in an entertaining fashion, while leaving a lasting impression with his memorable melodies. The upbeat tracks are particularly strong, especially the emphasis track “Doomsday Devices”, which just screams ‘hit single’. However, my mind wandered during some of his ballads, which can get a little monotonous. Notable exceptions to this include the gorgeous “She Leaves Me Poetry” and the stunning “Theme for an Adventure at Sea”. Fogel almost sounds like Chris Martin (Coldplay) on this subtle, quiet acoustic track and suddenly – land ho! – the band kicks in to create an amazing and rousing finish.