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CD Review: Moe Green’s Eye “Fast Radio Bursts Live” (And “Who’ll Take Me Home” Single Review)

Moe Green’s Eye is a straight-out Rock and Roll band from New York City that is comprised of front man Anthony Galati, guitarist and chief songwriter Steve Siegel, bassist Jeff Mackey and drummer Bob Gallagher. The band used a reference to a character from The Godfather movie series and an unfortunate situation that happened to that character in the series as the name of their band. That seems to prove that the band has a strange sense of humor to go along with their ability to play Rock and Roll.

The band of Moe Green’s Eye is currently creating music consists of musical influences such as New Wave music, as well as a lot of Classic Rock. They include bands like R.E.M, The Smithereens, as well as Tom Petty as major influences on their style. The band just did something that many bands won’t try these days. They recorded their four-song live in the studio. With this recording style, they captured the pure feel of their sound. The four-song release that was put out in is called Fast Radio Bursts Live EP.

Fast Radio Bursts Live from Moe Green’s Eye begins with the track “Fixed,” the first single off of the release. With a sound that has just a little bit of a New Wave influence from the British band Modern English, and more specifically, their song “Melt with You,” “Fixed” definitely has a very clear New Wave influence to the music. “Fixed” features a driving feel to the music and a very strong delivery in the vocals of the track. As the first track of the album, “Fixed” is a strong lead-off track.

Fast Radio Bursts Live continues with the track “Stay”. Like the previous track, the band of Moe Green’s Eye keeps the music in an eighties’ frame of mind. However, with this track, the band also seems to include a little influence from the early Alternative bands. “Stay” keeps the energy level of the music up with a driving beat to the music. Like “Fixed” before it, “Stay” has the type of style that would be welcome on the radio. “Stay,” however, is a lot closer to straight-out Rock and Roll and could have easily been played on modern Rock stations back in the eighties.

The Fast Radio Bursts Live EP continues with the track “It’s Over Now”. With this track, Moe Green’s Eye takes their music into a slightly different direction than with the first two tracks. While the tracks that started the release were more in the realm of New Wave/Rock and Roll from the eighties, “It’s Over Now” seems to bring to mind the stylings of the J. Geils Band as the track contains that band’s style of Rock and Roll to it. That specific feel keeps the band’s style in the era of the eighties but also shows that Moe Green’s Eye seems to wear their influences on their sleeves.

New York City-based Moe Green’s Eye brings their Fast Radio Bursts Live EP to a close with the track “What about Time”. This is probably the most unique of the tracks on the release as the three musicians of guitarist Steve Siegel, bassist Jeff Mackey and drummer Bob Gallagher combine their talents in the track to create a style that recalls Progressive Rock bands, most specifically, Rush. “What About Time” is a song that contains a Commercial Rock sound and a Prog-Rock sound at the same time. The combination of the two musical styles together makes for a song that has plenty of depth to it and would be a welcome addition to any Modern Rock radio formats.

Moe Green’s Eye’s new EP called Fast Radio Bursts Live shows off the talents of the three musicians and the lead singer who come together to create a band that uses slightly older musical influences to help make a sound that sounds generally timeless. The four tracks on the band’s EP come together to create a solid release. And the fact that the band had put together the release with songs created live in the studio shows even more talent from this talented group of musicians.

Moe Green’s Eye is not slowing down. Having released their EP called Fast Radio Bursts Live not that long ago the band has just released the next track which is being released ahead of the band’s next album which is reportedly being titled After the Baptism. This new track from the group is entitled “Who’ll Take Me Home”.

The track of “Who’ll Take Me Home” features a strong, driving feel to the music. It also features an undeniably commercial quality to the music. The track feels like it would fit right in with songs that had been found on Modern Rock or even Alternative Rock radio formats. Instantly, you can imagine this track being played right alongside bands like Gin Blossoms or Goo Goo Dolls. You could even imagine the track feeling right at home being played with a stronger band like Candlebox.  

There is a reason for “Who’ll Take Me Home” from Moe Green’s Eye fitting in with some diverse bands. Much like the band’s earlier material, “Who’ll Take Me Home” draws inspiration from different forms of Rock and Roll at the same time.

While you listen to the music, you can tell that there is a definite Alternative Rock flavor to the music. In fact, what the track may remind you of is the early days of Alternative Rock when the style was just starting to push itself away from the Rock and Roll that was being played on Mainstream Radio.

At the same time, however, the band has included a generous amount of Pop flavor to the song. Like the aforementioned bands Gin Blossoms or Goo Goo Dolls, Moe Green’s Eye creates a style that easily would have been right at home on radio during the late nineties/early 2000s. That Pop/Alternative blend creates a track that ensures that the band has a good chance to expand their current fanbase by tapping into two different musical followings.  

“Who’ll Take Me Home” from Moe Green’s Eye is only one track of music; however, when taken together with the band’s previously-released tracks on their Fast Radio Bursts Live EP, you get a good idea of just what the band can do. And the songs that are currently available from the band should make their fan-base shout for more. Luckily, there is more on its way.   

For the Fast Radio Bursts Live from Moe Green’s Eye, click on the album cover below: 







For the band’s newest single of “Who’ll Take Me Home,” click HERE


You can also find the band on spotify. Click HERE for the band’s profile. 

For more information, check out Moe Green’s Eye’s PR Firm, Whiplash PR. Click on the logo below to visit their site. 

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CD Review: The Borstal Boys S/T

It is said that many local music scenes, no matter where you live, are made up of about twenty-five musicians or so who make up about seventy-five percent of the music scene. Meaning, if you go out to see a cover band, you are most likely going to run into one of these omnipresent musicians. Even some of the Original Music bands contained within a scene will contain some of these musicians. This is very much the case for the band called The Borstal Boys.

The Borstal Boys is an Original Rock and Roll band that has roots within the Pittsburgh area. Each of the musicians that help to make up the group has a long history within the Pittsburgh music scene. Consisting of: Rocky Lamonde (Bass), Patrick Norman (Electric and Acoustic Guitar), Joe Pelesky (Organ and Vocal), Darryl Thumm (Guitar), Scott Wilson (Drums), Vinny Q (Guitar) and Mark Ponsonby (Lead Vocal), The Borstal Boys have stood on stages with the likes of Bill Toms and Hard Rain, Rusted Root and many other bands. Together, the musicians take the years of experience to create a new band that draws from that long history.

Taking all of their various musical influences such as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, The Faces and more The Borstal Boys created their first album. The band’s self-titled album was released in 2018.

The first track on the self-titled release from The Borstal Boys is the track “My Everything”. With this track, the band breaks into some good, old-fashioned Rock and Roll. In fact, what the sound will most likely remind the listener of is something from Bruce Springsteen. Moreover, the song has more than a little bit of influence from The Boss’ music from around the time of the Born to Run era. “My Everything” from The Borstal Boys has more than just a little influence from Springsteen’s song called “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out”.  The track also has some Bob Seger influence to it, as well.

For the next track, the band seems to add some newer influences to the mixture. The track “Marlene Jane” features Rock and Roll that feels as if it came from the eighties. While there is still a good amount of Classic Rock influence to the track, the song also features a little New Wave and/or Alternative influence to the track. The majority of the track seems to contain some influence from John Mellencamp as the guitar-driven track is reminiscent of Mellencamp’s stuff from the eighties. The keyboards in the background of the song, however, seem to contain a much more modern influence to them. Because of the combination of the two directions at one time, “Marlene Jane” is a track that would easily fit well next to songs from the like of the Goo Goo Dolls or Gin Blossoms. The track would be right at home on any Modern Rock or Hot A/C radio format.

With the track “Head Full of Ghosts,” The Borstal Boys take their music back in time once again. The track is firmly placed in the middle of Classic Rock. As you listen to the track, you can easily imagine Power Trios like Cream adding some influence to the music of the band. But there also feels as if there is some Frank Zappa and the Mother of Invention influence present in the music, especially in the guitar playing on the track. For fans of straight-out Rock and Roll looking for that style today, you can’t do better than “Head Full of Ghosts” from The Borstal Boys.

Bringing their music back to a more modern sound, The Borstal Boys create the track “Green Light”. The slower-paced track features a strong guitar feel to the music. The music on the track brings to mind the feel of the music that came from The Black Crowes back in the nineties. This track by The Borstal Boys would feel right at home being played right after a track like “She Talks to Angels”. And with a playtime that exceeds the four-minute mark, “Green Light” ends up being one of the longer tracks on the album, although you really wouldn’t notice as the track flows rather smoothly during that playtime.

And speaking of angels, the very next track on the seven-song release is actually called “Fallen Angel”. And just like with “Green Light,” “Fallen Angel” has a slower pace to the music. While the previous tracks on the self-titled release from The Borstal Boys do not contain any religious meanings, the song “Fallen Angel” is full of heavenly imagery in the lyrics. Plus, the inclusion of the organ on the track also adds a bit of flavor to the track as well.

The Borstal Boys bring their 2018 self-titled release to a close with the track “G-Spot Blues”. The final track on the release finds the band creating an all-instrumental track. And with the fact that the song contains the title it does and the music is quite Progressive in its style of Rock and Roll, the Frank Zappa references are sort of difficult to miss. The completely instrumental feel to the music on this track gives the listener a clear glimpse at the talent of each of the members of the band.

Where many bands and recording artists pay attention to only the newest rends in music, it is great to find those bands that still incorporate real Rock and Roll feeling into their sound. The Borstal Boys have created a strong seven-song release that stays fresh throughout as they create songs that make use of that Classic Rock style.  


For more information, check out the band’s record label The Vault Records

To hear the music of The Borstal Boys, check out their song “Head Full of Ghosts” 

To hear the entire self-titled album from The Borstal Boys, find the band on Spotify

To purchase a copy of the self-titled album of the The Borstal Boys, click on the album cover below: 


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CD Review: Mike Farley Band “Where We Stand”

Back in the nineties, Long Island native Mike Farley made his way to Cleveland, Ohio. After releasing two albums under his own name, Farley met and joined up with guitarist Jeff Nagle, bassist Jeff Beam and drummer Joe Rohan. Together, the band became known as the Mike Farley Band. As the Mike Farley Band, the group would release the 2000 album halfaworldaway, an album that ranks as perhaps the best album that Farley has released. While promoting halfaworldaway, the Mike Farley Band would become one of the top drawing local acts in the Greater Cleveland area. Soon, however, things changed and the band would go their separate ways as Farley wanted to focus his energy on running his public relations company, Michael J. Media.

After over a decade apart, the four musicians who once made up the Mike Farley Band decided to start writing together as a group once again. Though the musicians were now spread out in different cities throughout the country, a new album ended up being created…with a lot of help from Skype.

Recently, the Mike Farley Band announced the release of their new album. That album is entitled Where We Stand.

The long-awaited new album from the Mike Farley Band begins with the track “Rewrite History”. From the very first notes of the song, longtime fans of the band will instantly recognize the signature sound of the band. The upbeat pop-rock music of the track will immediately take the listener back to the late nineties, early 2000s. While the band was originally together, they had a sound that would have easily fit in with anything on Top 40 radio formats. With the inclusion of Scott Martin’s keyboards on the track, “Rewrite History” will bring to mind bands like Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows and other bands that were popular on the radio before the turn of the millennium. “Rewrite History” is the perfect track to either bring the listener back to when the Mike Farley Band was at its peak; or, the track is the perfect way to introduce new listeners to what was once one of the biggest local bands in the Cleveland music scene.

Where We Stand continues with the track “Subtle No More,” a track that feels as if it would have fit perfectly on Farley’s 1999 release entitled On the Edge of Somewhere. The steady pace of the music seems to work well with the lyrics about seeing signs that do nothing but bring back memories better left behind. While the first track of “Rewrite History” finds the band creating something that is very similar to what had come before on halfaworldaway, “Subtle No More” is musically and lyrically so familiar in its sound that it feels like something that never got released when the band was together.

After three tracks that feature an upbeat, yet moderate pace to the music, the Mike Farley Band picks up steam with the track “Pay Your Dues”. With the song, the band adds a lot more energy to their sound. The faster pace of the music is matched with lyrics about pulling your own weight and relying less upon others. The strong message and strong energy to the music work well together to get a point across.

The song “I Don’t know” shows off the talents of the band members of the Mike Farley band as the band changes directions for the track. The slower tempo and easier pace of the song brings to mind something form AM radio in the seventies. The resulting Lite Rock song features lyrics about coming to terms with where a relationship is going. While not too overly romantic, the track does feel very reminiscent of older songs from Mike Farley, proving that Farley hasn’t changed his style all that much over the years.

For one song, Mike Farley takes the music back to the feel of his 2007 solo acoustic release of Moments and Memories. The new track of “Weight of the World” features mainly Farley and his acoustic guitar, with only some keyboards in the background. The simple guitar part and light keyboards give the song a much different feel from the rest of the release.

Where We Stand, the new album from the Mike Farley Band, comes to an end with the track “Rain”. The track begins with a slow pace to the rock and roll music with the unmistakable sound of the e-bow leading the way. The unique sound of the instrument adds an element to the band’s music that has never been there before. With the addition of the e-bow, the track feels like a combination of something from the Mike Farley Band mixed with something from Scottish rockers Big Country. Ultimately, the feel of the song takes the music of the Mike Farley Band in a completely different direction than fans of the band are used to, making it easily the most unique track on the 2016 release.

After more than a decade apart, the Mike Farley Band returns with Where We Stand. The return release finds the band maintaining much of their style that existed all those years ago. What was there in the nineties is still there to be rediscovered by the band’s old fanbase. And for those about to discover the group with this release, Where We Stand is the perfect chance to find out what you have missed out on.

Click on the album cover below in order to link to the release:

Mike Farley Band | Where We Stand

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CD Review: Trash the Brand S/T

Trash the BrandScotty Austin, Scott Anthony Little and Steven Pulley are three musicians that have many sides to their personalities; that is most true with both Austin and Little as they are musicians who take turns playing almost anything. Together, multi-instrumentalists Austin and Little along with drummer Pulley create the Tennessee-based band called Trash the Brand.

Trash the Band is a trio that creates their own version of Rock And Roll as they combine genres such as rock, rockabilly and other styles to create something they call “swamp-a-billy”. The resulting music gives the band a sound that is fresh and different from most of the “cookie cutter” bands that seem to just fall in line and make the same music as everybody else. With Trash the Brand, each song they create is a unique take on rock and roll.

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CD Review: Ready In 10 “31 Strong”

Besides having a love for numbers, Ready In 10 has a passion for good old fashioned pop rock. The release of their new CD, “31 Strong,” will surely secure this Long Island band a poll position in the race to become the world’s next Goo Goo Dolls.

Ready In 10 lifted their name from a Chinese restaurant menu promising quick delivery. You could say Ready In 10 does the same by serving up tasty, no-nonsense pop rock, track after track. “31 Strong” follows their 2006 debut, “Face the World,” and consists of eight new studio tracks and a live version of the crowd pleasing, “Turn Your Red Light To Green.”


NYC’s ‘Starcode’ on Everything from Playing the Former Czech Republic to the Difficulties of Choosing Between a Tom Waits and Better Than Ezra T-shirt!

starcodeNew York City’s newest modern rock offering comes in the form of Starcode; a band founded by brothers Dave (Vocals and Bass) and Dan O’Connor (Drums), and joined by Greg Nicotra and Steve Bernstein (Guitars), whose style of “high-energy, dark pop rock” separates them from the herd.

Working with famed producer Dale Penner (Nickelback, Mathew Good) Starcode put together their stellar, brand new record, A Fine Line, which delivers no-nonsense melodic rock that is built on a strong acoustic base and decorated with plenty of tasty electric guitars and harmony vocals.

Recently, Dave was kind enough to take the time to answer some of our burning questions.

Q: Hi Dave – thanks for taking to time to chat. To start, tell us a bit about how Starcode began.


A: Starcode began with a few friends and family – Dan, the drummer, is my brother – getting together to share their love for creating and performing music.

Q: Do you have a favorite track off the new release? If so, what makes it stand out for you?

A: This is something that evolves with my moods. So, my favorite track today may not be my favorite track tomorrow. Even tonight as I doze off it may change. So, right this second? I’d have to say I Found A Way.  It stands out for me at this time because we’ve just shot the video for it and done some shows where it really seems to have moved the crowd. There are few things better than seeing a roomful of people singing along to a song that you’ve sweated and tortured yourself to create.

Q: Working closely with a relative can be a double-edged sword. How has it been for you and Dan?

A: Dan and I have been playing together for years. Our first band, Amethyst, had their first gig when I was nine [at the Shriners Hospital in Springfield, Mass] [but] we have most definitely had some moments of rivalry. There were many things and tantrums thrown over the years. I must say however, that when things got serious for the band and we started going on the road it sort of morphed into an “us against them” sort of thing. We tend to unite along with the other guys instead of getting at it amongst ourselves. So I guess our secret for not killing each other is finding a common enemy. They’re out there and we’ve conveniently found a great way to come together against them.