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Compared to everything from cereal to Pink Floyd, Final Flash prove why they are nothing but Final Flash

“Hey man the wild is calling / Together my friend out there for more.” Joey Chaperon Cyr, lead singer of Montreal-based rock quintet Final Flash, could not have illustrated the band’s music better. A mystifying mix of classic and psychedelic rock, their debut album, Homeless, immediately transports you from your living room couch to the middle of an enchanted redwood forest. Joey’s voice and lyrics call out to something beyond humanity, and the hypnotic sounds emanating from Andre Bendahan (bass), Alexandre Girard (guitar), Mathieu Bourret (keys), and Maxime Hébert (drums), take the listener there. Songs like, “When the Day Turns Black,” “The Black Flame in me is a Red Flame in You,” “Welcome to the House on Fire” and, my favourite, “We Leave the Forest,” leave you wanting more. I caught up with the band just before they opened for Juliette Lewis at Montreal’s Cabaret du Mile End.

Q: I’ve been following you guys for the past year and from the first time I saw you until now, the band has really come together. What is it that has allowed you to gel so quickly?

Andre: A lot of shows, more synergy being created between us. [As a new band] everyone was focused more on their own instruments and I think now everyone is able to hear what everyone else is doing … getting into that vibe where we are all uniform. We are able to push the songs more. We are getting better and better, but there is still a lot of room to grow.

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Introducing Blankfest Quebec

The Rock and Roll Report is excited to be a small part of the upcoming Blankfest Quebec charity show here in Montreal on February 21st, 2009. Last week’s Rock and Roll Report Radio was a Blankfest special edition and I want you to read the press release and try and help us if you can….


The 1st annual BlankFest Quebec will cover the city of Montreal with a blanket fundraiser on Saturday, February 21st at the city’s landmark venue Bar St. Laurent 2, located at 5550 St. Laurent (corner St. Viateur).

Blankfest Quebec’s goal is to collect as many Blankets for the homeless this year as possible and is asking guests to bring new and used blankets or comforters in good condition (minimum one per person) as the price of admission to the event.