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Multi-talented Charley Young Celebrates Release of Remix of “Hold the Moon”

Charley Young is a young individual who has set her sights on several different career paths at the same time. From time to time, you can find Young performing on-stage in theatrical plays and in musical theater. You can also find her in many on-screen roles. She has spent countless hours honing her skills as an actor.

Going along with the actor side of her, Charley Young has been increasing her presence as a singer, a role she puts to use when onstage performing in musical theatre.  As a singer, Young’s vocals are rather reminiscent of Amy Lee of the band Evanescence. As a matter of fact, some of her music contains a slight influence from the Alternative Rock group itself. As of late, Young has been rather busy recently as she has released three singles of her music since the beginning of 2019. Currently, Charley Young is celebrating the release of the Remix version of her track “Hold the Moon”.

As far as the initial track of “Hold the Moon” is concerned, the track features a sound that makes use of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as the main feel of the music. The track also features a relaxed pace to that music. The track’s music takes some influence from 80’s New Wave and adds a strong beat to it. And while there is a relaxed feel to the music, there is still plenty of energy to the music of the song. What results is a low-key track that would be right at home in any Club settings.

Having already mentioned the fact that Young is celebrating the release of a remix of the track, “Hold the Moon (Retro Mix)” takes that initial track and bumps up the energy level to the beats of the song. While the original version of the song would be right at home within the setting of a dance club, the slightly harder mix creates a track that could be used by the deejays to transition the music from a slow track to much quicker songs. Whether you take the original version of “Hold the Moon” or the Retro Mix of the song, the song is sure to get you dancing along to the music.

Right now, Charley Young is celebrating the release of “Hold the Moon” as her latest single. However, “Hold the Moon” is far from being the only track from Charley Young. To go along with the current track of “Hold the Moon,” Young has also release two other tracks within the 2019 year. Joining the aforementioned track, Young has also released the tracks “Greedy” and “Fiery Storm” since the beginning of the year.

The track “Greedy” from Charley Young finds the musician changing musical directions as the track leaves behind the EDM that had been part of the track “Hold the Moon”. Instead of EDM, “Greedy” contains a rather strong Alternative influence to the track. But just like with the track “Hold the Moon” the song “Greedy” contains a slightly relaxed feel to the music. The combination of the music on the track and Young’s vocals creates a track that brings to mind a lighter version of the style of the band Evanescence. And where the track “Hold the Moon” feels as if it would be right at home within a Club scene, the “Greedy” single would be right at home on any Hot Adult Contemporary and/or Top 40 radio format.

Just like with the current single of “Hold the Moon,” Charlie Young has also put out a remix to the track “Greedy”. The “Jimmy Greco Remix” of the track completely changes the feel of the track. The laidback feel of the initial track is completely done away with. The “Jimmy Greco Remix” contains a quicker pace as well as a strong EDM approach to the music. The result is a track that, once again, would send the music of Charley Young out onto the dance floor. Every so often, you find a remix of a song that not only changes the feel of the original track; it actually makes the song stronger. This is one of those times when the remix is better than the original.        

The final of the three tracks that have been released by Charley Young during 2019 is the track “Fiery Storm”. With this track, Young brings back the feel of EDM that was evident in the song “Hold the Moon”. With this track, Young slows things down quite considerably. This is easily the slowest track of the three released this year. Along with the EDM direction, the track also contains an additional element of R&B flavor. That blend creates the most unique of the three tracks that Charley Young has produced thus far this year.

Charley Young keeps herself busy with the actor side of her personality as well as the musician side of her. The three songs released this year from the musician side of Young are just the beginning. If you count the remixes that go along with the singles of “Hold the Moon” and “Greedy,” you change the number to five tracks. While Charley Young has yet to put out an album, you can find the three songs mentioned and plenty of other earlier tracks from the artist online.

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CD Review: The Aces “When My Heart Felt Volcanic”

All-girl bands have been around for several decades and have included the likes of Bananarama, The Bangles, even the band Fanny who most recently released a new album under the moniker Fanny Walked the Earth. One of the most recent all-girl bands is called The Aces.

The Aces (a name that was shortened from the original name of The Blue Aces) is a Utah-based pop-rock quartet composed of Singer and guitarist Cristal Ramirez, guitarist Katie Henderson, bass player McKenna Petty, and drummer Alisa Ramirez (Cristal’s sister); the members of the group came together to create the band after having known each other for most of their lives. Together, the resulting band creates Alternative Rock music with a strong Pop-Rock edge. That musical combination is featured on the band’s 2018 release entitled When My Heart Felt Volcanic. The album was released under the record label of Red Bull Records, one part of the energy drink company Red Bull GmbH.

When My Heart Felt Volcanic from The Aces begins with the “title track” of the release, “Volcanic Love”. The first thing that the listener will notice is that the feel of the track. The guitar-driven Pop/R&B blend of the song takes the listener back to the decade of the eighties as the music as well as the instrumentation itself has a rather retro feel to it. The next thing that you will notice is the vocals from Cristal Ramirez bring to mind artists like Kim Wilde or Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. Take all of that and blend it together, you end up with a track that has a strong Pop-Rock feel that is ready-made for radio airplay.

The next track on the release is the song “Stuck”. Having been released on the band’s 2017 EP entitled I Don’t Like Being Honest, the band includes it here on their newest album. While the previous track featured a musical direction that felt rather familiar because of earlier musical influences, this track takes a more modern approach to the music. The track’s much stronger Alternative Rock direction makes the song “Stuck” feel like it fits into the Indie Rock category. And while there is an Indie feel to the track, the song still feels like it would fit on any Top 40/Hot Adult Contemporary radio format.

With the next track of the album, the quartet continues their blending of the old and the new with the track “Fake Nice”. The band creates a track with a very current feel to the lyrical content while the music of the track finds the band once again drawing inspiration from music of the eighties with a little of the seventies thrown in for good measure. The lyrical content on “Fake Nice” finds the band creating a track that is very current. Having to do with being someone you’re not, the track should register well with today’s music fans.

As the band continues their release, they create a track called “Lovin’ is Bible”. The track features a strong musical feel that is equal parts R&B and Rock and Roll. The blend creates a sound that is rather reminiscent of the Scottish band Wet Wet Wet, the band that made a name for themselves back in the eighties when they created their sound blending together equal parts R&B and Rock and Roll. “Lovin’ is Bible” from The Aces feels as modern as it does retro because of the musical blend contained within the track. At the same time, it’s easy to imagine the track being featured on today’s Hot Adult Contemporary radio formats.

One of the songs off of the When My Heart Felt Volcanic release from The Aces that is getting the band some positive attention is the song “Last One”. Like the track “Lovin’ is Bible,” the track blends together equal parts R&B and Rock and Roll. Along with the strong groove created by the four members of the band, the call-and-response that happens throughout the track adds an interesting element to the song, as does the inclusion of gang vocals on the refrain where the band mates all lend their vocals to the track. The strong groove on the track, as well as the other previously mentioned elements in the song, help to create one of the strongest moments on the release. “Last One” is easily the standout track on the album.

The Aces return to the eighties on the track “Strong Enough”. The guitars and the keyboards as well as the production on the drums on the track transport the listener back in time with a style that screams eighties. Add on the vocals from singer and guitarist Cristal Ramirez, and you get a track that will make you reminisce about that period in music.  

Most of the new album from The Aces comes with a strong Pop-Rock feel to the music with plenty of energy to the music. All of that changes, however, on the track “Hurricane”. A track that comes rather late in the album, “Hurricane” features a much slower pace to the music as well as a piano comes in to create a completely different feel to the track. That piano mixes well with vocals from singer Cristal Ramirez as well as Katie Henderson who adds plenty of harmony to the track. The song about a relationship that keeps the singer spinning as she tries to figure things out adds plenty of beauty and emotion to the release.

As you make your way through the dozen or so tracks on the When My Heart Felt Volcanic release from the all-girl band The Aces, one of the main things you notice is the quick pace at which the songs go by. With the majority of the tracks being under three and-a-half minutes, the resulting album is one that is very listener-friendly. That quick playtime on the tracks goes along well with the pop-rock music that is produced by the quartet that is The Aces. With the help of Red Bull Records, this album has already begun to garner some well-deserved praise for the band. Keep an eye out for The Aces as they make their way through the music industry. 

For more information, check out the band’s record label, Red Bull Records

For a taste of the music from The Aces, check out their video to the track “The Last One”. 

To check out the When My Heart Felt Volcanic release from the all-girl band The Aces, click on the album cover below:



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CD Review: The Fairest and Best “When I Feel Like This”

Robert Graham is a Canadian singer-songwriter who makes his home up in Ontario. Having spent time as a solo act, he took his music and created one album with the title of Storm in a Teacup. With the release being a solo venture, he needed a complete ensemble to bring his music to life on stage. Soon, the band called The Fairest and Best came to be.

The Fairest and Best is a band that consists of: Robert Graham (lead vocals and keyboard), Nigel Maynard (drums), Darryl Wood (bass guitar and vocals), Gerry Williams (bass and vocals), Brant Garratt (guitar and vocals) and Caitlin Holland (vocals). The ensemble takes several different genres of music and blends it together to create their ever-changing style. Together, the sextet not only performs the ten tracks that make up the 2009 release, they also perform songs that appear on their own EP that is entitled When I Feel like This.

Robert Graham and the rest of The Fairest and Best begin their 2015 release of with the title track of the EP. Of the three tracks that make up the When I Feel like This release, this song is the one that is the most unusual of those on the EP as the band takes the track in a direction that combines equal parts Reggae and Rock and Roll. The lyrics find the singer in a rather nostalgic mood as he thinks about what he once had and no matter where he turns, he is always reminded about days gone by. The Reggae/Latin combination made by the members of the band on the song “When I Feel like This” creates a track that feels as if Carlos Santana had taken his 1999 release of Supernatural one track further.   

The piano from Robert Graham begins the next track on the album. The piano-led music for the song “One Little Sign” sets itself apart from the previous track as the band brings their sound more into something that combines elements of Billy Joel and Elton John while combining a very strong presence from the electric guitar. The resulting feel of this song feels more like pop-rock than the previous song did. In fact, the music of the track feels as if it could have been right at home on Top 40/Hot Adult Contemporary radio formats back in the eighties. “One Little Sign’s” lyrics seem to continue the same mindset from “When I Feel Like This” as Robert Graham sings of wanting just one sign that shows him that everything will be alright. On the track, Graham is joined by singer Caitlin Holland who adds the female vocals to the duet. And just as Graham does, Holland sings wishful lyrics about regaining what was once lost in the relationship.

When I Feel like This from The Fairest and Best comes to a close with the track “I Won’t Cry for You”. Just like “One Little Sign” feels very different from “When I Feel like This,” “I Won’t Cry for You” has a very different feel than “One Little Sign”. In fact, with this track, Graham and the rest of The Fairest and Best take their music in a direction that is very reminiscent of the pop-rock music that was found on the radio back in the nineties. The electric guitar-led track brings to mind the style of bands like Gin Blossoms and/or The Goo Goo Dolls. While all three of the tracks on the When I Feel like This release have very commercial sounds to them, it is the track of “When I Cry for You” that would easily by the best bet for radio airplay.

While the 2015 release When I Feel like This contains only three tracks, Robert Graham and The Fairest and Best are currently promoting a new single called “Celebrity”. With this track, the band seems to combine several different musical feelings all at once. The largest influence to the song’s music seems to be the more upbeat and harder-edged pop-rock music that was created back in the seventies. Add to that just a little pop-rock flavor from the eighties and a generous dose of influence from Carlos Santana in the form of the electric guitar that is present in the track and you have some idea of what the track sounds like. “Celebrity” features the lyrics sung by Caitlin Holland who steps out from behind the microphone to provide the vocals for this track. Altogether, the track “Celebrity” is one of the more upbeat tracks currently available from The Fairest and Best.

Robert Graham and his band The Fairest and Best allow their musical influences to shine on their 2015 album entitled When I Feel like This. The short but entertaining three-song EP gives the listener plenty of variety in that short timespan. And the band’s newest track of “Celebrity” proves that they still have plenty to prove yet!

The Fairest and Best is currently promoting their latest single called “Celebrity”. Check it out below:

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CD Review: Mark Bryan “Songs of the Fortnight”

Singer-songwriter Mark Bryan may never be as famous on his own as he had been when he had been part of a band. You see, Bryan was a founding member of a small band called…Hootie and the Blowfish. He and Darius Rucker were the two musicians who started the musical outfit. Together, Hootie and the Blowfish ended up creating the album that earned the biggest amount of album sales in 1995 with the release Cracked Rear View.

When the band went its separate ways and Darius Rucker changed directions and goals to enter the world of Country music, Mark Bryan also went for a solo career. But he chose to stay within the Pop-Rock genre that earned his former band its following. Since the band separated Bryan has released three solo albums, having just released the third just recently. The new release from Mark Bryan is entitled Songs of the Fortnight.

Songs of the Fortnight from Mark Bryan begins with easily the hardest-rockin’ track of the album, “My Baby She’s Alright”. The track’s Rock and Roll sound could have been from either the late eighties or early nineties. There’s a reason for that: The track was originally recorded back in 1987 by the band Scruffy the Cat. The straight-out Rock and Roll featured on Bryan’s version of the track feels very timeless and very out of place when compared to anything that was found on the Cracked Rear View release from Hootie and the Blowfish. “My Baby She’s Alright” starts the newest release from Mark Bryan off with plenty of energy.

With the second track on his newest release, Mark Bryan takes his music in a direction that would be more in the realm of what his old band would have created. The song “If You Saw Her” is pure pop-rock that easily could be the best track on the release. “If You Saw Her” features a gentle, easy pace to the music and contains a strong message about spending time with a woman because of how special she is. The track features a sound that would easily fit into any Hot Adult Contemporary radio format. “If You Saw Her” is a track that will stay with you long after the album has come to an end.

Mark Bryan picks up the pace of the music, but just barely, on the next track entitled “Almost Loved Me”. Staying with a Hot Adult Contemporary sound, the song “Almost Loved Me” features a sound that would have fit right in alongside songs from other Hot A/C bands such as Gin Blossoms or Goo Goo Dolls. And like songs from those bands, “Almost Loved Me” would have been in heavy rotation on radio stations back in the nineties.

Another great track on the newest release from Mark Bryan is the song “The Great Beyond”. On this track, Bryan takes the music in a very different direction. This track finds Bryan creating a track that is part rock, part folk. The Folk-Rock combination on the track comes complete with the inclusion of a mandolin and fiddle that help to reinforce the Folk flavor that is so evident on the track. The lyrics about spending time just getting lost help to make the song strong. “The Great Beyond” is much different than the rest of the album, but it one of the standout tracks on the release.

After one track of Folk-Rock, Mark Bryan’s music returns to a stronger Rock and Roll approach. The track “Forgetting About Me” contains a straightforward Rock and Roll feel to the music that once again adds a lot of energy to the release. The track finds Mark Bryan using the musical influences that helped make the song “I Go Blind” such a strong track all those years ago. Just like “My Baby She’s Alright,” the first track of the release of the album, “Forgetting About Me” shows off the more rockin’ side of the songwriter in Bryan.

Songs of the Fortnight takes on a slight Alt-Country feel on the track “Sweet Love”. The track finds Bryan sharing the track with Kathy Dempf, creating a duet, of sorts. The two singers sing a tune about finding that special someone. With the slight twang to Dempf’s vocal, the song feels right for either Top 40 OR Country music radio formats, making the track a perfect crossover candidate.

After ten tracks of music that range from Folk-flavored to Top 40, Mark Bryan closes out his newest album with the track “Maybe Then”. The singer-songwriter takes a major step back and creates a track that features only his vocal and guitar. The track plays like a love letter to someone he may have loved in the past. The simplicity of the track allows for Bryan’s voice to shine through. The softer approach of “Maybe Then” helps to bring Mark Bryan’s newest album to a close on a soft note.

While it has been a while since Hootie and the Blowfish were an everyday part of the music scene, it’s great to know that lead singer Darius Rucker is not the only one from the band that has kept busy since that band ceased to be. The new release of Songs of the Fortnight from Rucker’s ex-bandmate Mark Bryan shows off the talent of the lead guitarist/singer-songwriter. And the various different directions that Mark Bryan takes the music on the release show off his versatility.

To check out the music of Mark Bryan, check out the video to his song “If You Saw Her“.

For more information, check out Mark Bryan’s PR firm, Fanatic Records.

To purchase a copy of Songs of the Fortnight from Mark Bryan, click on the album cover below:



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CD Review: Rocket 3 “Burn”

Portland-based band Rocket 3 is a three-piece rock outfit that features the playing of Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Ramune Nagisetty; Drummer Drew Anymouse and bassist Tony Guzman. Each of the three musicians found their way to Portland from different parts of the country only to discover each other in Portland and from there they put together a band that combines different genres of rock and roll to create their sound. Rocket 3 is currently promoting their current album entitled Burn.

Burn from Rocket 3 begins with the track “Fate”. The track is a strong rock track that adds a little bit of flavor from a band like the Ramones. The track also picks up a little New Wave Rock feel from a band like Blondie to create a track with a lot of depth as well as mass appeal.

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CD Review: Vintage Blue “No Going Back”

VBOne of the best unsigned bands in the country at the moment is Chicago’s Vintage Blue. Vintage Blue consists of: Ryan Tibbs guitarist, vocalist; Benjamin Bassett guitarist, vocalist; Brent Shumard percussionist, wind; Cesar Corral bassist; Matt Zimmerman backup vocalist, brass, keyboardist and Will Crowden drummer. Back in 2012, the band put out their first CD, a 13-track called Strike the Mics. With that release, the public got a good indication of what the band sounded like as the band’s sound would have attracted fans of both Vertical Horizon and Sister Hazel.

Now Vintage Blue is back with a new 6-song EP called No Going Back. While the last release featured that Vertical Horizon/Sister Hazel sound, the new release finds Vintage Blue going after a pop-rock sound that is much more unique to the band.

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CD Review: Jackpot Donnie “Mayday!”

Like a rising amount of bands and artists out there today, Chicago’s Jackpot Donnie is a band that creates its sound by combining several genres of music together. It’s the combination of Reggae, Funk even Blues that helps give the band’s music its quality and sound. And because the band draws from these unique and varying styles at different times, the Rock and Roll produced by Jackpot Donnie changes from one tune to the next.

To help create their sound, the five members of Jackpot Donnie call upon their various musical influences. The five members of Jackpot Donnie are: Adam Campbell on drums, Dave Langley on bass, Matt Love on guitar and vocals, Peter Spero on keys and Brian Wise on guitar. The band is currently promoting their third release, 2013’s Mayday!