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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is…..The Rock and Roll Report!

testpattern_rca_31If you are a regular reader of The Rock and Roll Report you will be aware that the site has been offline for a few days due to technical issues but now that it is back online the interruption has caused some havoc to the schedule for this week. As we didn’t want to shortchange the Band of the Week who was scheduled this week, we have decided to postpone the feature until next week so they get the benefit of seven days on the site.

So instead of the usual great Band of the Week this week we invite you to browse around the site and rediscover some great stuff from the archives. How about checking out other Band’s of the Week from the past by going to the Artists and Bands section of the site? Or how about reading some of the great features from the past in our Features section?

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Thanks so much for your support. As we mop up the mess from this technical snafu we are smiling as the music is cranked and the windows are rattling. That’s what rock and roll is all about.


Mark Boudreau and the Rock and Roll Report Team