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(Via RAIN) A2IM has found that independent music is increasing in popularity, thanks in part to the “wealth of new platforms” on which music can now be heard, including Internet radio. The organization found that 40% of all music played at non-traditional web radio is independent, while over half of the music aired on Pandora is independent. Independent labels also accounted for 32% of aggregate album sales in 2008 and picked up 56 awards at this year’s Grammys, according to A2IM. “When traditional gatekeepers and obstacles to reaching fans are removed, indies thrive,” the release states. Find it here.

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In Homewood’s Head – The Promise of Internet Radio

Every once in awhile Mark, the owner and head honcho of this fine, fine site will forward me an interesting music business article to read as he knows that as a former magazine owner, editor, music TV producer, musician, manager PR agent etc. I have just as much a curiosity and an interest in the business side of the music business as I do in the artistic side. As the major labels implode, the radio stations increasingly rely on the same twelve songs by the same mediocre artists, people quit buying music, the CD disintegrates as a viable format for music purchases – I sit and wonder at the craziness of it all and how simple it would be to right the problems. This particular article is mostly about the future of Internet radio.


Mark My Words: Does Rock and Roll Report Radio Have a Future Online? And IndieWeek Toronto!

For those of you who listen to the podcast, you will know that I am in the middle of looking back at the first 15 podcasts and revisiting a selection of tracks from those shows. The reason I am doing so is because it gives new listeners a chance to have a listen to some music they might have missed and it allows me to combine these songs in new ways just for the juxtaposition of it all as I never repeat songs on the podcast which is both a good thing and bad.