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CD Review: Forever Storm “Soul Revolution”

Serbian heavy metal band Forever Storm is recording their latest album.  The working title, Tragedy, is set for release at the end of the year.  With the newest single, “Paradox,” another larger than life song has graced Forever Storm’s repertoire.  “Paradox” is technically driven with faster guitars and pulsing rhythms.  The sound reflects the band’s inspiration – classic heavy metal resounds.  Forever Storm will not disappoint.

Like the last album, epic themes reside.  The world is destroying itself with pollution and corruption.  Paradox is the life we breathe that is killing itself.

Soul Revolution is Forever Storm’s first album release.  Themes rally against oppression and alienation on national and personal levels.  Forever Storm will astound with more releases, studio time and live shows.

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Montreal’s Subject-Object hybridize styles and offer their EP for free!

Jay Vidyarthi, lead singer of Subject-Object, sees his musical endeavor as paralleling his “academic journey from the physics and neurology of human hearing to the design of new technology.”

The Montreal band’s self-titled EP offers a diverse variety of rock sounds. A particular strength of this release is how it manages to convey a sense of live, uninhibited sound in a truly rare way. While Vidyarthi refers to Subject-Object as “digital blues,” drummer Stefan Jovanovich describes the sound as “deceptively heavy.” This label is particularly fitting for the first track, ‘Watergun,’ which features a driving blues energy, rough vocals akin to The White Stripes and heavy yet catchy riffs and jams. At times Subject-Object reminds me of Trail of Dead, but the album also features jazz and funk grooves, alt rock energy, skilled solos and solid drumming.

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Harry Hess talks about his new musical endeavour, First Signal, the end of Harem Scarem, and … bacon

Harry Hess, the powerhouse vocalist behind Harem Scarem, one of Canada’s most acclaimed hard rock outfits, is back with a vengeance singing for First Signal. The new studio project finds him paired with Dennis Ward and a dream team of other songwriters and players.  We had the honor of having Harry take a few moments to answer some questions for The Rock and Roll Report!

Q: Like many other fans of Harem Scarem, I was really disappointed to hear the band broke up. What were some of the reasons for ending the many productive years with Harem Scarem to open up this exciting new chapter with First Signal?

A: I felt we were starting to repeat ourselves on our last few records, but, more importantly, it came down to dividing my time between H.S and making other peoples records, and not having enough time to do both properly. I also just signed a publishing deal with Universal Music worldwide as a writer, so I knew that would really limit my time for other things.

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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Wizardry

Wizardry webOne of the perks about being a music journalist is the opportunity to be made aware of artists you ordinarily would never have even heard of if not for the plethora of publicists, labels and ambitious band members flooding my email box , proclaiming what they have to offer is going to “shock the very foundation that which the musical world stands upon.” Now, of course 99.9% of it is either an out and out lie or completely subjective (based on the opinions of parents – mine consider me to be a “catch”), but that just means that .01% manage to rock my world. And that’s also .01% that I never would have had the pleasure of knowing existed.

Brooklyn’s Wizardry falls into that very exceptional category. Brooklyn, already being home to some killer metal acts over the years (Biohazard, Type-0 Negative, Genghis Tron), has always been a hotbed for hardcore, so inspiration is in abundance.

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Rock Influences: Aaron Phillips on Iron Maiden – The Band that has Influenced a Generation

(Ed note) Welcome to the first installment of Rock Influences, an occasional feature by musicians and writers to the site which describes a band or album which has had a major influence on their outlook and career.

Today Rock and Roll Report contributor and Blue Bullet drummer Aaron Phillips talks about one of his major influences: Iron Maiden.

The history of heavy metal can be traced back to the early 1970″s with the likes of Black Sabbath, Wishbone Ash and Deep Purple, who were breaking away from traditional rock sound and experimenting with darker sounds.

A young teenager from east London by the name of Steve Harris was hugely influenced by these bands, and it was their influence that convinced him to start his own band, which was to become Iron Maiden.

The start of the Maiden story starts in Christmas day 1975 when Steve Harris first set up what is now known as Iron Maiden, named after a medieval torture device which was a coffin shaped box with sharp nails protruding from either side, very apt.