Why yes, that is a silver Elvis: Tales from NXNE 2012


So for those of you that know who I am, great! For those of you who do not, I am Cecil, host of CJLO’s Burnt Offerings, a metal show here in Montreal. On June 15, I went to Toronto for my first ever NXNE experience. It was new and definitely exciting, to say the least. Here goes…

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Jägermeister Reigns Friday the 13th with Events Across Canada


News Release: Jägermeister Canada Unveils More Details About Upcoming Friday the 13th Events Across Canada

Traditionally, Friday the 13th is a day for bad luck, tomfoolery, and knocking back a few drinks (it’s still a Friday, after all). Jägermeister wasn’t satisfied with these interpretations of what is, if nothing else, a pretty significant date on your calendar. That’s why we’ve gotten the greatest drinkers and thinkers from Jägermeister and Rue Morgue Magazine to put their heads together and reinvent this largely underrated holiday. Beginning April 13th, 2012, the world’s 8th leading spirit Jägermeister will launch the Friday the 13th: the party to end all parties!