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The Rock and Roll Report Artist of the Week is Jayce Lewis

After four years beating skins for Losing Sun, a great eloctronica/experimental/metal band from South Wales UK, Jayce Lewis had to embark on a solo avenue for himself. Now Jayce is under the management of Dave Prowse MBE, who was the original ‘Darth Vadar’.

His new single ‘Icon’ has a mixture of good solid driven drum based rhythms with plenty of guitar overlaid with good catchy vocals. It kicks off with an intro of cosmic, catchy synth sounds, which the overall rhythm of the song picks up from. Guitar soon pick up after this, and the drums soon to have Jayce’s vocals very pleasingly running throughout.

Jayce is currently working on his new album titled ‘Chapter’. He has an ambitious target of adding his sound and style to that of those who have inspired him. This includes Underworld, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Gary Numan and Depeche Mode. You can hear the influence of this list very clearly. Jayce has set himself an ambitious target, and from my hearings of ‘Icon’, I think that Jayce stands every chance of achieving his goal.

His musical endeavors began at the age of six where, influenced by the likes of Queen and Metallica he picked up the guitar. Seven years later Sepultra took the position of main influence. From here Prodigy, fear factory, Pantera, Therapy? And Killing Joke all took their place in shaping Jayce, you can hear it all in his own style and drive of sound.

However, Jayce did not start drumming until some years later at the age of 19yrs old. Although experimenting on his friends drum kit the real opportunity came when Jayce was asked to replace a drummer for the band he was the guitarist for, lack of money meant the band had to pull together to buy Jayce a kit.

Both drum kit and Jayce’s ability very quickly grew over 2 years. With the kit starting out as a 5 piece – soon to become the double pedal 7 piece metal kit that served him so well over the rest of his touring years before being picked up by industry giant ‘Yamaha’. Jayce being a very talented Engineer – Fabricated his own drum Rack from Marine grade stainless Steel box section. The kit grew into an unrecognisable thumping power plant.

Jayce then went on to play with Losing Sun, who made a big impact on the industry over the 4 years they were together, Both his management and drumming skills were quite a powerful tool at this time.

In December 2008 Losing Sun went their separate ways, after two albums.

From this is it clear to see that Jayce is a highly talented individual with the drive and determination required to shine and make his mark.

Intense Nick