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CD Review: C Wired “Angel Circuit Engaged”

Chuck Whyard has done a lot and has been a lot of things throughout his life. But right now, he has chosen to pursue a path of the entertainer. The singer-songwriter is currently creating his own music and to do so, he is using the stage name of C Wired, a moniker that plays on his own first initial and last name. C Wired has gathered together a group of talented individuals who help him bring his music to life. C Wired is joined by project producer Addison Smith (guitars, Moog synth), Andrew Renner (bass) and Daniel Kelly (percussion). With this group of musicians, the Cwiredband was created.

The ensemble called Cwiredband helps C Wired with music that incorporates musical styles such as Jazz, Blues, Country and others into a sound that is mainly Rock and Roll-based. And the lyrics that are found within each of the tracks on the release contain a deeper meaning to their lyrics than most artists today as C Wired explores subjects such as angels, expanding of ideas, freedom from guilt and other things. The result is a solid musical approach that can only be described as Progressive Rock. That Prog-Rock style can be found throughout the six tracks that make up the new EP from C Wired. That album is entitled Angel Circuit Engaged.

Angel Circuit Engaged from C Wired begins with the title track of the release. “Angel Circuit Engaged” begins with a straight-out Rock and Roll feel to the music that would have been right at home in the late seventies/early eighties. The four-minute track features a driving feel to the music like much of the Rock and Roll from the eighties. With this track, C Wired explores the concept of the afterlife. What happens when you die? Well, C Wired has his ideas. “Angel Circuit Engaged” starts off the release of the same name with something to make you think.

C Wired changes things up with the next track called “Botticelli Baby”. This track features some of the strongest guitar work of any of the tracks found on the EP. As you listen to the track, you can hear musical influences from the likes of Adrian Belew, Joe Satriani, or even Frank Zappa. The track’s guitar work comes from the producer of the release, Addison Smith. Smith’s work would make any or all of the previously mentioned artists proud. And Andrew Renner (bass) and Daniel Kelly (percussion) do their parts to make the track feel as strong as anything that has been produced by earlier Prog-Rock artists. The title, “Botticelli Baby,” is a reference to the Early Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli and his style of painting where the full beauty of the female form is brought to life in his artwork.

Like a lot of Progressive Rock, Angel Circuit Engaged from C Wired contains songs that are shaped with the help of many different styles and influences. As you make your way through the six songs that make up the release, you’ll run into some Rock and Roll influence, some Jazz, and some heavier influences as well. While all of the tracks contain instrumentation that include the guitar, the third song of the album, “Climb the Mountain” also includes the sound of the organ. With the inclusion of the organ, the track takes on a style that feels heavily influenced by the likes of the band Deep Purple, but with a much heavier groove to the music. Breaking the six-minute mark, “Climb the Mountain” is the longest track of the release and truly lives up to the band’s Progressive Rock musical base.

On the track “Angels Are Not Afraid of the Dark,” the listener is treated to perhaps the best and strongest track of the six songs that make up the Angel Circuit Engaged release from C Wired. The track begins with the slowest pace of the songs that make up the EP. The guitar from Addison Smith begins the track. That guitar is then joined by a second guitar which helps to pump up the sound of the first guitar. When Bassist Andrew Renner and Drummer Daniel Kelly join in, the trio creates a track with a slightly slower pace to the music when compared to the earlier song. This, of course, does not mean that the track is any less powerful than what came before. It simply means the trio of musicians simply is creating a groove-like jam that fits into the Album Oriented Rock genre. The song features lyrics that deal with what might be coming in the future.

The Angel Circuit Engaged release from C Wired comes to an end with easily the most commercial track of the EP. Instead of featuring the Progressive Rock influence that was so prevalent in the earlier tracks on the release, the song “Little Sisters” features a Classic Rock approach that would have been right at home in the late sixties/early seventies. The band creates a straight-out Rock and Roll song that would have been right at home on AM radio as opposed to the FM stations that the remainder of the songs would have been featured on. The commercial feel of the music in “Little Sisters” ensures that there is something for every Rock and Roll lover out there.

Angel Circuit Engaged release from C Wired and the rest of the Cwiredband features some of the best Progressive Rock and/or Album Oriented Rock out there today. For those who are tired of the Pop-rock that is currently flooding the airwaves today, this release is just what you are looking for. 

To find all of the various links for C Wired including Amazon, Spotify and other sites, click HERE.

To hear some of the music from C Wired, check out the track “Little Sisters” 

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To check out the Angel Circuit Engaged release from C Wired, click on the album cover below: 

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CD Review: Bryan Banks “The Sudden Sounds of Urgency”

Bryan Banks is one of those musicians who took it upon himself to create his music on his own. When you have a musician who does everything on his own, the results could either be good or bad, depending on the talent of the individual. There is definite talent within the music of Bryan Banks as he seems to take many different flavors of Rock and Roll when creating his music. His music takes some Rock and Roll, Funk, and Grunge with a large hint of Heavy Metal thrown in and mixes all those styles together in the sound that makes up his music. And with the fact that everything on the album was created by Banks himself, the multi-talented musician has created an album of music that ends up being rather well-rounded. His debut album is entitled The Sound of Urgency.

The Sound of Urgency from Bryan Banks begins with track “Turn My Back”. Right from the beginning, the song features a very strong Rock and Roll feel to the music. So much so, the track balances between Rock and Roll and Metal. That has to do with the power that comes out of the guitars on the track. What the listener may be reminded of on this track is a song from the British Heavy Metal band Living Colour. “Turn My Back” has a lot of power to it and makes for a strong opening track.

The release of The Sound of Urgency from Bryan Banks continues with the track entitled “Discard the Dream”. “Discard the Dream” turns out to be a solid track of Rock and Roll that contains plenty of energy to go along with the lyrics of a relationship coming to an end. Throughout the song, the most impressive thing is Banks’ ability to, not only play the guitar, but to also create a multi-layered feel to the guitar part. With the track, Bryan Banks proves that he is not only a good musician, talented writer and fine vocalist, but he can take all of those talents and combine them together while creating his music. Since it is with the song that you get used to what Banks is doing, repeated listening to the song actually makes Bryan Banks’ “Discard the Dream” better.

Bryan Banks’ album continues with the title track of the release. “The Sound of Urgency” contains a slightly slower pace to the music. And although the pace slows down, Banks does not spare the intensity to the music. The track brings out the Alternative Rock influences in Banks’ writing styles. The track has a rather strong beat that will get the listener grooving along with the music. “The Sound of Urgency” is a very good track and would easily have fit on Alternative Rock radio formats back in the nineties.

After several tracks of intense Rock and Roll, Bryan Banks takes one song to change the pace of the music. The track “Escape the Insanity” begins with Banks putting aside the intensity for a mostly laidback track that finds the musician forming the beginning of the track around a mainly acoustic feel to the music with a slower tempo. While Banks returns time and again to that acoustic approach, he also incorporates a stronger approach throughout the track, as well. The switching back and forth creates a track that feels rather busy and is still not as intense as the previous songs on the release.

With the track “Guilty,” Bryan Banks creates a track that contains a rather intense feel to the music while still containing a melodic undertone to the music. In a style that brings to mind someone like Joe Satriani or other guitarists like him, “Guilty” shows off Banks’ ability infuse his music with the same melodic feel that Satriani is known for. Along with that melodic feel to the music, the lyrics to “Guilty” find Banks questioning how he is supposed to feel when someone around him goes on a spiritual journey and makes him a witness to that journey.

The new album from The Sound of Urgency from Bryan Banks comes to a close with the track “Beautifully Disguised”. Like the majority of the release, the final track of the album finds Banks in a musical mindset that finds him creating a track with plenty of energy. While the track contains a strong Power Rock feel of the music, “Beautifully Disguised” also has enough Alternative influence to keep the track feeling very current. But the Power Rock/Alternative Rock combination creates a track would fit on today’s radio formats while still being able to have been played back in the eighties. The commercial potential of the track creates one of the most Listener-friendly songs on the album.  

The Sound of Urgency from Bryan Banks was put together by Banks one song at a time over the course of several years. And while that time period created a rather long wait between the first single release and the final album packing, Bryan Banks has proved that sometimes it is worth the wait if you’re looking for quality. The Sound of Urgency turns out to be a very solid album of Rock and Roll that any fan of the music style will enjoy.

For a taste of the music from Bryan Banks, click HERE for the album’s title track of “The Sound of Urgency”. 

To purchase a copy of The Sound of Urgency from Bryan Banks, click on the album cover below: 

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April press release round-up

Back in January this year Maryland maestros Clutch played a one off, twice upgraded sell out gig in London in order to promote their stunning new album Earthrocker. Sadly I was not able to get to this gig, but I have heard Earthrocker which is the tenth stupendously good album from Clutch. The press release which I recieved states that 'The much-loved Maryland four-piece have been honing their live chops for more than two decades. There is no question that seeing Clutch perform is a revelatory experience not to be missed'. This is such a valid statement which I can personally vouch for as I have been blessed by seeing Clutch play live on a couple of occassions. They ARE simply magnificent…..
Clutch have just announced four more UK dates that will be shaking the following venues,
Mon 8th Jul –                NORWICH Waterfront
Tue 9th Jul –                 NOTTINGHAM Rock City
Wed 10th Jul –              MANCHESTER Academy 2
Thu 11th Jul –               LONDON Forum
Expect all shows to be packed full of heart, soul, and badass riffery! Tickets are priced £15 regionally / £16 London (subject to booking fee) and will go on sale on Friday 5th April at 10am. Tickets for Manchester & London are available from or

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CD Review: Chickenfoot “III”

Sammy Hagar’s supergroup vehicle Chickenfoot is back with
their second record called “III”. Didn’t some other band in Hagar’s history
release a record of that same name? Hmmm…anyway, “III” is the follow up to the self-titled debut from 2009. It is nice to see these veterans of rock out of
the coop and ready to take another swing at saving rock and roll. For the uninitiated, Chickenfoot is composed of one half Van Halen (Sammy Hagar and Mike Anthony), guitar wizard Joe Satriani, and Red Hot Chili Pepper drummer Chad Smith.

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CD Review: Anubis “Live”

Back in June of this year, Anubis played at the Sonic Rock Solstice in Builth, Wales. Yes, you have guessed right, the set was recorded live and is now available as a digital download worldwide. This gig was the eighth for the band and is captured magnificently. It has been produced with no overdubs – just raw as it was played, with no edits at all.

I was unable to attend this music fest last year, which stages so much great music, but this album puts you right in the thick of it and captures much of Anubian’s live atmosphere. This is the third album release from Anubis (I have reviewed the debut album, Sibuna, and follow-up, Waking The Dead, here on The Rock and Roll Report) and I kid you not, with this release of Live there will be little rest for the dead.

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CD and Show Review: Joe Satriani “Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards”

This guitar virtuoso has been gracing our ears since 1987 with his pioneering guitar work, which is executed and produced with so much finesse. During the space of a few short years, after he began to work under his own name, Joe rapidly gained recognition as an internationally renowned guitar God. Nowadays, just about every rock fan knows just how influential Joe has been in helping to shape modern rock.

If you have read Aaron’s interview with Joe , here on The Rock and Roll Report, then you will be aware of the release of Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards earlier this month (October 5).  This is a great album and such a natural progression for this guitar orchestrator. Eleven great songs that say so much about Joe’s natural talent.

Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards differs just a little from Joe’s previous thirteen releases. This is due to the fact that Chickenfoot is now the outlet for Joe’s hard rocking side. This album rocks so well in so many ways while also exploring many musical avenues. This album was recorded in Skywalker Sound, the studio that Chickenfoot also use, and the result from this is a colossal live feel on the album. Produced and recorded by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica), Joe is joined once again by veteran Satriani drummer Jeff Campitelli, alongside newcomers Mike Keneally (keyboards – Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) and Allen Whitman (bass guitar – Mermen).

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Electric guitar master Joe Satriani talks about his 14th studio album, shares thoughts on fellow guitar legends and reveals Chickenfoot’s future

Electric guitar legend Joe Satriani is releasing his 14th studio album, Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards, on October 5. With over 10 million album sales and 15 Grammy nominations to him name, Satriani’s upcoming release is certainly an anticipated one. R&RR’s very own Aaron Kupferberg recently had the chance to talk to Satriani about the new record, everything to do with guitars and Chickenfoot – Satriani’s band with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony of Van Halen and Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Q: I wanted to ask, since we both grew up on Long Island, you went to Carle Place High School, right?

A: Yeah, Carle Place High School.

Q: Do you remember the name of your very first band in high school?

A: Yes, the very first band was called “Mephistopheles”  and it was quickly followed by a band called “Tarsus.”

Q: What type of music did you play?

A: We were doing Black Sabbath, Stones, Zeppelin, The Doors and Spirit. I attended St. Bridget’s Catholic School till they threw me out, [then] I attended Carle Place High School.

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Rock and Roll is Alive! Part 1 – An Alive Records Natural Sound’s Round-Up

Let me tell you, I get a decent bit of music in the mail thanks to this gig right here and although every day brings a package with a little bit of melodic lovin’ inside, there are days where the bounty is just so fucking cool it makes me glad I decided to become a music writer. The day I received this fat package of music from the Alive label was one of those great days.

Alive is one of the few labels left which is dedicated to keeping rock and roll…ahem…alive in many ways, but most importantly in spirit. The label is a throwback to the days when substance meant more than anything else and sticking by your bands while they grew and matured was more important than milking them for one monster hit. I mean, while I am sure Alive would love to sell a ton of records and have a huge fat hit on their hands, they seem incredibly loyal to their bands and are nurturing their roster as each band builds their own reps and fan-bases which will eventually help the label as a whole. As it is, the label has one of the best young rosters out there and will soon be able to compete with any other label out there is the discs contained in this package is any clue. Since they sent me so many wonderful releases, I am splitting this article into two parts so I don’t hit you with too much good stuff at one time.

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CD Review: Chickenfoot “Chickenfoot”

chickenfootIt is refreshing to see a classic hard rock act get the A-list treatment in terms of promotion. I seem to find signs of Chickenfoot everywhere – even on the (gasp) radio! For those of you who have recently been rescued from a desert island, Chickenfoot is rock’s latest supergroup comprised of one half Van Hagar (Sammy Hagar and Mike Anthony), guitar wizard Joe Satriani, and Red Hot Chili Pepper drummer Chad Smith.

The pros: The chemistry between these guys is fantastic and their individual talents gel well to produce a modern rock feel – the record sounds great. Sammy’s vocals are still incredible after all these years of tequila-drenched wailing and to say that Satriani is amazing with the guitar is a vast understatement. The packing is pretty cool, too, with the heat-activated digipak whose artwork shows up after warming up.