Rock Hill Studios: A musical gem in Keynsham, UK

Rock Hill Studios is a brand new venture that has only just been set up and opened in the UK by established guitar builder, Nathan Sheppard. Based in between Bath and Bristol, Keynsham to be exact, the establishment is comprised of a guitar building workshop, a reception/sales/booking area, one rehearsal room (with another soon to follow) and, once fully built, recording facilities will also be available.

Located in a tranquil and easily accessible part of Keynsham, the studio offers a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that is greatly the result of Nathan’s helpful and welcoming nature.

As mentioned, Nathan is a guitar builder and so, a studio was only a logical next step. Having recently attended the grand opening of Rock Hill Studios, I was privileged to see some Nathan Sheppard guitars in action and I must say that they sounded oh so sweet, with looks and quality that could rival those of any guitar on the market.