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CD Review: George Harrison – Let It Roll (EMI)

george-harrison-let-it-roll 180Another year, another collection of a former Beatle’s hits. This time, the powers-that-be have turned their attention to the Quiet Beatle George Harrison.

While Harrison has been the subject of several greatest hits packages over the years, this new collection has got to be the most comprehensive yet, including the hits from his Apple period right up to his late-’80’s comeback songs like “Got My Mind Set On You” and “When We Was Fab”. To spice things up a bit more, a few oddities have been added such as the odd live track here and odd movie soundtrack song there, making this one of the best Harrison comps ever. While the negative among you might rightly question the record company’s motives for releasing yet another greatest hits compilation full of (for the most part) recycled material that has already been released elsewhere I have to give it to them for putting together a collection of songs that may be the most complete look at Harrison’s long solo career yet.

Though most Beatles fans and Harrison devotees probably already have this stuff on other releases, those of you who are looking to buy just one Harrison album would not go wrong by buying this set. Great stuff and listening to it makes me miss Harrsion all the more. I hope his son Dhani is correct when he recently stated Harrison was working on two albums of new material simultaneously before he died and that the material will be released fairly quickly along with other tracks Harrison had worked on over the years, an estimated number of which is supposedly in the hundreds.

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