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Have you been Limozined?

LimozinedThere is a mountain of incredible music out there that deserves to be covered but while I was surfing around for breakfast this morning I managed to find this new release from one of my favourite bands who I have covered on site here before. There are bands that have it, there are bands that come close as they have it but don’t quite use it to the full, and there are bands like Limozine who have it, know just what to do with it and man they really do hit out with it. Limozine are a full blown garage rock’n’roll band who are most definitely inspired by The Cramps, The Ramones and The Stooges. What more does one need anyway?


‘Set up the bar and set up the band’ – The guys of Limozine are experts at balancing work and good times

We all know that, generally, all forms of new music are just a whole pile of old styles thrown into a mixing pot, which is then stirred and blended while adding additional spices and condiments. Limozine take gratuitous doses of punk and rock n’ roll, mix them up into a truly intoxicating and unique format, before punching and snarling out of the mixing pot.

Singer Dean and guitarist Johnny are originally from the Midlands. They met in Coventry in the legendary Cabin Recording Studios through record producer Paul Sampson. Both heavily influenced by wild psychotic debris of previous rock eras, Dean and Johnny formed Limozine and began creating a rock n’ roll sound for the present. A few months later bassist Karl and drummer Tim joined the band.


Punk-Rockers ‘Limozine’ Compare Recording to Murder, Survive the Unbearable U.K. Smoking Ban and Get Set to Release Their Second Album; ‘Evil Love’

l_abcf247dc0e845a18ed540b163c368d0One would think that recording studios would be more likely breeding grounds for competition rather than collaboration. However, when it comes to West London’s Limozine, it all started in Coventry at the Cabin Recording Studios where Dean (Vocals) and Johnny Zero (Guitar) met through a mutual friend.

It is also not often true that drinking brings about brilliant ideas, but Limozine, once again, makes the exception. After some late night drinking Dean and Johnny  discovered their shared passion and respect for acts like The Cramps, ACDC, The Stooges and The Ramones. Using their idols for inspiration they began Limozine in the effort to bring about their own version of a punk rock album.

Writing their 11-track debut, Car Crash Casino, in 2005 and recording and mixing the album in eight days, it wasn’t until 2007 that they saw it’s official release. A year later, Johnny’s close friends, Tim (Drums) and Karl (Bass), saw Limozine live and were so gripped by the project they couldn’t help getting in on the action. And so, the two-piece doubled and today’s Limozine was born.


Rock and Roll Report Podcast #59 – Saying Goodbye to Summer…

by the poolOn this week’s Rock and Roll Report Podcast we survey a rock and roll buffet overloaded with goodies. From heavier stuff to electronica twinged rock to jam bands and the blues we have what ails ya!

It is sad that in this part of the world we are saying goodbye to summer and hello fall but really, isn’t summer just s state of mind? OK I am getting delusional as I could never convince myself of that while shoveling snow off my car in February so let’s just allow these great tracks from bands and artists who are either unsigned or signed to smaller indie record labels entertain us with their amazing music.

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  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Electric by Lost Without Cause– Buy at Lost Without Cause - Write Your Own Ending / Electric - Single - Electric
  3. Junkie Girlfriend by Limozine– Buy at Limozine - Car Crash Casino - Junkie Girlfriend
  4. Solar by The Black Cherry Group
  5. Stars by Renegade Ride– Buy at Renegade Ride - Dream Machine - Stars
  6. Interstellar by Zagnutt
  7. Behind Every Set by The Freddie Long Band– Buy at The Freddie Long Band - Strangers and Friends - Behind Every Set
  8. No Longer Mulling by The Foyer– Buy it at The Foyer - The Foyer: A Sampler - No Longer Mulling
  9. Doorman by Halo Stereo– Buy it at Halo Stereo - The Invisible War - Doorman
  10. Too Hard Too Cold by The Tender Box– Buy it at The Tender Box - EP1 - Too Hard Too Cold
  11. Coming Back Around by Bernadette Sebastiani
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

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