Live Rock and Roll

In Concert: The Kavanaghs begin tour in Cleveland

KavanaghsThe country of Argentina is home to The Kavanaghs, a rock band whose style was largely influenced by roots rock artists as well as 60s British Invasion bands like The Kinks and The Beatles. In fact, The Beatles have been one of the biggest influences on the band.
Of course, some of the bands that came after the British Invasion have also been big influences on the members of The Kavanaghs. One of the post-British Invasion bands that influenced The Kavanaghs was The Raspberries from Cleveland, Ohio.
Live Rock and Roll

In Concert: The Uncanny and others Play Cleveland

On September 17th, 2011, a concert was held in Cleveland, Ohio at the music venue Wilbert’s Food & Music that featured several musical acts that each had something unique and/or unusual to offer the audience in attendance. The concert featured four musical acts, which included The Uncanny, Twelve on the High and Mutts. One other act participated, though I missed them due to time restraints. The three acts mentioned, however, were all good and talented bands that gave very energetic performances and made for a very enjoyable event.

The first band on the roster was Twelve on the High. The Brunswick, OH band is
a trio made up of Zach Griffin on lead vocals and guitar, Nick Harley on bass
and Ben Taylor on drums. The trio started off the night with great modern rock


The Live Rock and Roll Experience


I have made the case in the past how it is important, if you REALLY love rock and roll to experience it live as often as possible. No, I am not talking about U2 or Springsteen at the local Enormodome but about seeing the hundreds (probably thousands) of bands that ply their trade from one rock and roll dive bar to another.

Let me use a recent experience to illustrate. A few weeks ago I caught one of my current faves The Brown Hornets at a local bar here in Montreal. Now granted the bar itself was nothing special in the interior decor department and the lighting onstage was suspect but the place certainly has character and that counts for maximum points in my book. There was no cover charge, the bar held maybe 50-75 people max and yet when I walked out of there on the shady side of 1:00 AM I was positively vibrating with excitement.