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CD Review: Unruly Child “Worlds Collide”

After disbanding over sixteen years ago, the original members of Unruly Child have reunited to produce a brand new album entitled, “Worlds Collide.” Marcie Michelle Free (vocalist – King Kobra, Signal), Bruce Gowdy (guitarist – Stone Fury, World Trade), Guy Allison (keyboardist – Lodgic, World Trade, Doobie Brothers), Jay Schellen (drummer – Hurricane, World Trade, Asia), and Larry Antonino (bassist – Pablo Cruise) are the team that crafted the self-titled debut from 1992, which has become an underground classic among fans of melodic hard rock.

The rebirth of Unruly Child in 2010 is going to take a lot of people by surprise. On “Worlds Collide” the band springs to life with all the excitement and energy of a newborn. The first two tracks did little to excite me, but then “When We Were Young” kicks off a six-song string that 1990 radio would have been all over. “When We Were Young” has a nostalgic theme perfect for a reunion of this kind and is surely going to relate to older fans.“Love Is Blind” is another great tune that fuses the classic Unruly Child sound with that of contemporary hard rock, all helped by a huge sing-a-long chorus with great backing vocals – reminds me a lot of the new Foreigner record. “When Worlds Collide” is an engaging tune with interesting time changes and another memorable chorus.