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Bikini-clad girls, endless booze, great live music, and a burning couch in a mosh pit – The RockaSkin Outback Camping Music Festival delivered the goods

BAM, BAM, BAM!  I hear the sound and spend my precious few moments awake trying to determine if it’s actually a knock on the window, or just the pounding in my head. I hear the noise again and am finally able to distinguish it from the drum roll happening in my brain, and reach over to unlock the door.  Having passed out drunk in my car, I wasn’t expecting anything less than a shitty morning and a brutal headache, but luckily enough, within seconds of opening my eyes, I had a drink thrust into my hand and was told to wake up and enjoy the show. Less than ten feet from where my hatch opened was a young lady dressed in a leopard skin bikini, complete with matching bunny ears.  If that wasn’t enough, she was rolling, splashing and crawling around in a giant mud puddle. Having been eased gently awake by this amazing spectacle, I slam the rest of my Vodka Red Bull and get ready to start my day. It is 9:00 a.m.