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An introduction to The Tuesday Club

The Tuesday Club are hailing from Warmington On Sea on the South East coast of the UK.With a mere handful of gigs under their belts The Tuesday club could accurately be described as a new band, this however is a huge anomaly! Born at various junctures between 1957 and 1984, the actual age range and experience encased within this mysterious 8 piece, would put many of today’s more established reformers to shame. Reaction to their debut Dolly Dynamite this summer was huge. From widespread critical acclaim to Q Radio plat the music media were pretty much on board the good ship Tuesday Club.

“A cheeky little tune” Q Radio

“If you want music with a bit of a spark, a ton of swagger and a heap of fun I suggest you join me in signing up to The Tuesday Club” Rhythm & Booze

“This is clever while staying absolutely exuberant, and The Tuesday Club are one of the most exciting acts I’ve heard all year.” AAA Music