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‘I just wanted to distill and distill until there was almost nothing left’: Ra Ra Riot’s Mathieu Santos on his solo LP

Mathieu Santos’s new album, Massachusetts 2010, is a ten-song debut LP for the Brooklyn-based composer. One of the founding members and bass player in the chamber pop quintet Ra Ra Riot, he takes a step away from this style to explore more stripped down, sonorous landscapes in an album written, composed and played almost solely by himself.

Here, Mathieu gets candid and offers some interesting insight into the creative process that shaped his album, how the songs originated and why “the treatment of just one distilled idea” is so important for his songwriting style.

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CD Review: Mathieu Santos “Massachusetts 2010”

Massachusetts 2010 is Mathieu Santos’s – Ra Ra Riot’s bass player – first solo LP. This album is an effort in an original direction, playing with the idea of sonorous landscapes in an indie rock setting. He accomplishes this by setting very precise moods in each song, and by making the growth of the song more centered on the development of this mood rather than on drastic musical changes. This effect is realized mostly through the lyrical and musical structure of the songs with importance given to tones and how things sound.