Forget Slash, CMW offered a more memorable moment: The realization that our music industry is screwed

Hey there, sports fans! I haven’t written in what seems like forever and it feels good to be pounding a keyboard instead of a drum kit for a change. I’ve basically been hibernating lately, isolated from the rest of the world, trying to get an EP done with my band. Every so often though, the lure of something like one of Canada’s biggest music industry events can get even my lazy ass out of the studio. All to get shit-faced with some really cool people and then write about all my adventures. I’ve actually tried a half dozen times now to put together an interesting piece of writing, detailing the highlights of CMW like I did last year, which mostly entails a four day industry schmooze-fest and a heavy drinking binge. On my last attempt, I gave up around 2000 monotonous words and realized that a typical overview of my CMW experience would simply be futile this year. Instead, I’m going to rant about a few things and hope I don’t get blacklisted next year.

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R&RR Reviews THE Metal Night of All Metal Nights at Canadian Music Week 2010

A night of talent; a night of metal; a night of being a sardine with booze!

Last week I had the opportunity to be at Canadian Music Week 2010 and to scope out some of the showcases that took place from Wednesday to Saturday. One of the nights I was anticipating the most was the Metal Blade & Exclaim! Magazine showcase being held at the The Bovine (rumour has it that it may close down soon, what a shame!) The lineup announced for this night was just incredible and when I heard one of my favorite Toronto metal bands, Titan, was closing the night; I made a deal with the devil and had to be there!