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CD Review: Fauxbois “Carry On”

Fauxbois began as a bedroom folk project when chief songwriter Brian Mayer (originally from Boise, Idaho) started writing songs in his Brooklyn apartment in 2000. After playing solo and with various lineups for a while, he began recording in 2007 with Portland musicians Point Juncture WA. He recruited Caleb and Tori McKim, Scott and Kate Seward, Shaun King and Trevor Kamplaign and the band morphed into Fauxbois in 2009. They released Carry On on Spark and Shine Records last fall.

When I first heard the title track off Fauxbois’s Carry On, I was struck by the resemblance to Built to Spill, in terms of vocals and guitar style – particularly the band’s earlier recordings like There’s Nothing Wrong With Love from 1994. Carry On also sounds like a pared down, minimalist version of Built to Spill’s Keep It Like a Secret from 1997. This similarity is not entirely surprising, considering the band toured with Built to Spill last summer and appeared on the Rotating Tongues 2 compilation alongside Boise locals such as Doug Martsch (Built to Spill) and Finn Riggins. The tracks where the Built to Spill comparison is most valid are the ballads “Remember February” and “Shadowboxing.”

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Montreal’s Subject-Object hybridize styles and offer their EP for free!

Jay Vidyarthi, lead singer of Subject-Object, sees his musical endeavor as paralleling his “academic journey from the physics and neurology of human hearing to the design of new technology.”

The Montreal band’s self-titled EP offers a diverse variety of rock sounds. A particular strength of this release is how it manages to convey a sense of live, uninhibited sound in a truly rare way. While Vidyarthi refers to Subject-Object as “digital blues,” drummer Stefan Jovanovich describes the sound as “deceptively heavy.” This label is particularly fitting for the first track, ‘Watergun,’ which features a driving blues energy, rough vocals akin to The White Stripes and heavy yet catchy riffs and jams. At times Subject-Object reminds me of Trail of Dead, but the album also features jazz and funk grooves, alt rock energy, skilled solos and solid drumming.