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The Rock and Roll Report Checks out The Avatars

Sometimes when you see a band or musician in concert and it is the first time you are being exposed to their style and sound, it can either be a blessing or a bad thing, depending on if they have a good stage presence. Back in 2005, it was during a chance meeting that I got to see the Ann Arbor, Michigan band The Avatars live in concert.

In 2005, Cleveland was host to the first CMJ Rock Hall Fest. The Rock Hall Fest was a musical event that brought many bands, some known, some unknown, to the Cleveland area to have the bands perform for people in the music industry as well as for crowds of old and new fans alike.

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s The Avatars was just one of the many up-and-coming bands that took part in the first Rock Hall Fest. The band took to the stage in the Festival Village for the event where they performed for the Friday afternoon crowd of music lovers. The short but entertaining set by the rock quintet was the perfect way to introduce the people at the festival village and myself to their style. It was a great way to discover what the band was all about.