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Shakedown is coming from The Dynamite Pussy Club

Back in the summer of 2012 a band with a magnificently memorable name released their debut album Church Of Yeah. Since then this infectious three piece ensemble from Bath in the UK called The Dynamite Pussy Club have not stopped performing and doing what they know and enjoy best. Which is expending and spreading the sounds of their groovy assed, self styled garage rock as much as is possible. The Dynamite Pussy Club are now set to release their second album Shakedown on November 20th 2015. Yeah, Church Of Yeah is a mighty fine album but Shakedown takes The Dynamite Pussy Club into a whole new level.

DPC at The Griffin, Frome

  The DPC have expanded themselves significantly with this new release. Luckily they have not lost one ounce of their original style, groovy assed funked up garage rock with a healthy spattering of original rock’n’roll punk attitude. ‘Power’ is the first track which grips and propels you into this album with some sweet hints of psychedelic rock thrown into the DPC mixture.



Shakedown is a brilliant album which really does ‘get it on’ so damn well. It comprises of thirteen tracks which will rapidly turn any curiosity into an obsession. This is the tracklisting –


Midnight Hour


Dig On This

On The Floor


Well Well Well

Cold Beer/Hot Nights

Deep Fried

White Sugar

Shake It



Shakedown is available to pre order now in many formats and will be available as from the 27th November 2015 through Wiener Records  or Bandcamp

The album launch gig is at St. James Wine Vaults in Bath, UK on Friday 27th November. The magnificent Magic Tractor will be playing support.

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Stone Cold Fiction EP review plus interview

This band who I am highlighting for you here are very new to the unsigned rock scene, coming into formation in early 2014 and they are already making waves in the unsigned rock scene. They are based in between Bath and Bristol in the UK and go by the name of Stone Cold Fiction. At present, finding links for you to check their sound out from is a little difficult but fear not this will soon change.

Stone Cold Fiction are set to release their first EP on the 17th of October. I have been lucky enough to check this out via a private streaming link and believe me, this release rocks out loud and proud in every respect.

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Bernie Tormé Blackheart album review plus album tour and competition details

Hot on the heels of a second highly successful crowd funding campaign via which achieved its goal in little more than a week, Irish Guitarist Bernie Tormé announces a New Album titled BLACKHEART, and a New UK Tour!

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CD Review: Heartless Bastards “Restless Ones”

The music business is like a party and there is nothing better than the thrill of being at a party that you weren’t invited to, the knowledge that you could get found out anytime soon. That must be how Heartless Bastards feel about their place in the scheme of things, waiting to get found out and making the most of the situation in the meantime. From the point of view of the other partygoers they are the strange bunch in the corner who seem to be having more fun than anyone else and who, if truth be told, have actually livened things up to the chagrin of the more straight-laced hosts.

Since being signed a decade ago thanks to a chance meeting with Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney, Heartless Bastards have sought to refresh the sound of rock and roll, take the same building blocks available to everyone else, blues, indie and a sort of underground college rock vibe, but use them to build interesting new shapes, shapes that are both pleasing and surprisingly unique, shapes that have other bands wondering why they didn’t see those same possibilities in their own blueprints.

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The Payroll Union – Paris In America

When talking about their current single, “The Mission Field,” I compared the musical stance from The Payroll Union to that of The Band’s breaking with the expectations and fashion of the day and mining a wholly different seam. Whereas the latter were happy to inhabit that older world, the former are more interested in describing it, the difference between historical re-enactors and academics, I guess. I say this because although they may look the part, their musical tools seem rooted in the present even if their subject is the riotous times of early 19th Century Philadelphia and it’s reactionaries, brawlers, preachers and rabble-rousers.

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Bernie Tormé Pledge Music Campaign 2015 for the Blackheart album & UK Tour News

There are many ways in which the internet has changed the shape of the music industry. Small bands and artists are able to self promote through social media and websites. It is also possible for anybody to download the appropriate software to create a music studio on a suitable pc. The list goes on and is almost limitless. Another facet of this is that music enthusiasts like myself can easily set up a website or a social media page and publish articles or blogs online in order to help promote or undermine anything that they so wish to. I am sure that you are fully aware of all of this, the point which I am leading to is crowd funding. This allows fans to pre order albums before their production in order to help cover the costs involved enabling many artists to record, produce and release material which would not have been financially feasible without any crowd funding.

    A shining example of this is the double album Flowers and Dirt which was released by Irish Blues Rock Psychedelic Shredmeister/ Glam Punk Sleaze Rock Frontman Bernie Tormé in September 2014.

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Charlton Lane shows us the good stuff as we Get Off The Good Foot with him

Charlton Lane is an artist based in South West UK and is set to release the ten track album Get Off The Good Foot on the 23rd March 2015 through Weiner/Burger Records, iTunes and also Bandcamp. There are only one hundred copies available on a high bias, high quality cassette which comes with unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp App plus high quality downloads in various formats.

This great release is a highly enjoyable listen as it combines an electro pop style back beat overlaid with traditional rock’n’roll style guitar and vox. Charlton describes his style as electro kraut blues so this combination of descriptions should give you a fair idea of what to expect.

During 2014 Charlton Lane released the singles “Butcher Man Blues” and “Good Stuff”. Both of these superb tracks are in the album Get Off The Good Foot, which is a highly enjoyable and addictive listen. “Good Stuff” starts the album and hooks you in as it gets your feet tapping sweetly before you slip into “Tight Pants”. This leads onto ‘Crazy’ which adds a sweet fever to the Tracklist. “Butcher Man Blues’ slows the pace slightly while adding more of a blues element to this album. I can assure you that this track, just like all of the tracks but especially this one is a very passionate track which comes straight from the heart.

“Work It Out” is another very bluesy number which leads to “Yeah Yeah C’mon” which is far more electro kraut rock’n’roll. “No More” is a slightly melancholic number which leads into “Burn The Rubber”. As the title implies this track picks up the pace very nicely once again and leads onto “Charlton Lane Blues”. This bluesy number slows the pace whilst adding some harmonica into the mix just before the final track “Get Your Kicks (On The A46)” starts up. This tune is a smoulderingly good track which, in a respectful ‘tongue in cheek’ fashion is very reminiscent of the Stones track.

To sum it up, Get Off The Good Foot from Charlton Lane is a true gem and a highly enjoyable listen which is well worth checking out. 8/10

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“Wear & Tear” is coming from False-heads

If lead single “Wrap Up” set up our expectations for this subsequent e.p. to be a squalling, brattish love letter to every snotty, underground music genre of modern times, it certainly didn’t prepare us for the subtleties and dynamic shifts that the band are able to employ. Far from being the wall-to-wall garage band attitude, there is a lot more at work here. “Twenty Nothing”, whilst sticking to the loud-quiet template does so with more panache than you would expect, weaving in elements of jangle but stopping far short of any indie twee-ness.

The Pixies comparisons, that seem to be the yardstick that most journalists are measuring them by, only really raise their head on “Snatch,” a 90’s college rock beast, all skittering drums and slabs of bass forming a platform for some wonderfully driven and uncompromising guitar salvos.

But it is swansong “Nothing In There” that is the real surprise, a sludgy, doom-pop masterpiece of atmospherics and musical pomp, like Underneath What playing a Nick Cave torch song, big anthemic structures and sinister vocals not even hinted at on the previous three songs.

It should be obvious to anyone who crosses this E.P’s path just how great it is, how wonderfully it represents every underdog genre and every misunderstood band or every songwriter shut out by the mainstream music industry. In the space of four songs they seem to have summed up the forgotten and abused underbelly of contemporary music. If you don’t get that, on any level, then don’t play me anything from your record collection. Ever.

Wear and Tear is set for release on April 13th 2015 through Hi4Head Records

 You can find False Heads on Bandcamp.

You can also find the band on Facebook.

This review was written by Dave Franklin.  

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CD Review: Crowsaw “Karma”

In early 2014 the wonderful Firebrand Rock Radio and its crew took me under their wing to work as a ‘rookie’ radio host. This is why I have had a slight hiatus from the rock and roll report. Firebrand Rock Radio has recently closed, leaving Firebrand Magazine to operate as usual and giving myself a little time to try and catch up here on the rock and roll report. I have got many reccomendations to bring to your attention along with the ever expanding contents of my inbox. In no particular order I need to tell you a little about Crowsaw from the UK.

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An Introduction to A Higher Demise & UK Tour Info


Smashing out from the depths of South-East London, A Higher Demise are here to pulverize your senses. This young 5-piece expertly deliver an intense experience through a huge sound, combined with heavy/melodic vocals, dynamic builds and crushing drops.

A Higher Demise


Signed to Ambicon Records, the bands latest EP ‘The Doctor Will See You Now’ has gained them tons of press and fans alike, with some seriously serious jaw drop moments that make the hardest metal head break their neck, mixed with the kind of choruses and vocal acrobatics that make crowds scream/sing ‘til they have no voice. Just check out the video to previous release ‘My Therapist Knows You By Name’ – see?