PIGSHIT: Mr. Mojo Risen

According to press releases, the latest YEAR OF THE DOORS officially kicked off on Monday, January 9, 2012 at noon EST when, and I quote, the iconic rock band officially debuted their first new song in 40 years, "She Smells So Nice."

New song? But I thought…

Jim Morrison?


Gary Pig Gold here, from The Rock and Roll Report.

Hey! Good to talk to you. How're you doing?

You know, you were surprisingly easy to track down, I must say.

Well, I'm not that hard to find. In fact, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.  [pause]  So anyways, what'd you want to talk about?


Photo Essay: Nickelback in Concert

Nickelback in Concert

John Labatt Centre
London, Ontario
April 6, 2010

As I barrelled down Highway 401 in the Rebel Reviewer mobile trying make the 7:45 photo call for Breaking Benjamin in London, I realized about halfway, unless I ditched the Jeep for a helicopter, I just wasn’t gonna make it in time.

As I had suspected I rolled into the John Labatt Centre parking lot 15 minutes late and to my dismay discovered I had no memory card in my camera to boot. It’s been a tough week, so naturally a few things have been slipping my mind but my camera’s memory card??? Not good.

Thank God for my wife’s decent point and shoot. I happened to have that in my camera bag all ready to go so pulled out the old Canon S5 to see how it would perform at a concert. No, not quite the 40D that I’m used to wielding but it managed to get a decent visual representation of a band I’ve wanted to see for quite some time now, Nickelback.

It wasn’t til their 3rd album “Silver Side Up” that they showed up on my radar. When I first started hearing them on the radio I thought this was a band that I could sink my teeth into and savour as their heavy riffs and clean production made them easy to digest. Being fellow Canadians, I often like to rally behind the underdog knowing the uphill battle Canuck musicians face.

But then the CRTC fucked our new little band from Hanna, Alberta. Way back when I first heard of the 33% deal whereby any Canadian radio station has to play 1/3 Canadian content, I thought it was a GREAT idea. But then as time went by, I realized all it really did was make us hate our own bands because of repetition. Nickelback was just so accessible with so many widely accepted tunes, they were played to death. And they still are.


NYC’s ‘Starcode’ on Everything from Playing the Former Czech Republic to the Difficulties of Choosing Between a Tom Waits and Better Than Ezra T-shirt!

starcodeNew York City’s newest modern rock offering comes in the form of Starcode; a band founded by brothers Dave (Vocals and Bass) and Dan O’Connor (Drums), and joined by Greg Nicotra and Steve Bernstein (Guitars), whose style of “high-energy, dark pop rock” separates them from the herd.

Working with famed producer Dale Penner (Nickelback, Mathew Good) Starcode put together their stellar, brand new record, A Fine Line, which delivers no-nonsense melodic rock that is built on a strong acoustic base and decorated with plenty of tasty electric guitars and harmony vocals.

Recently, Dave was kind enough to take the time to answer some of our burning questions.

Q: Hi Dave – thanks for taking to time to chat. To start, tell us a bit about how Starcode began.


A: Starcode began with a few friends and family – Dan, the drummer, is my brother – getting together to share their love for creating and performing music.

Q: Do you have a favorite track off the new release? If so, what makes it stand out for you?

A: This is something that evolves with my moods. So, my favorite track today may not be my favorite track tomorrow. Even tonight as I doze off it may change. So, right this second? I’d have to say I Found A Way.  It stands out for me at this time because we’ve just shot the video for it and done some shows where it really seems to have moved the crowd. There are few things better than seeing a roomful of people singing along to a song that you’ve sweated and tortured yourself to create.

Q: Working closely with a relative can be a double-edged sword. How has it been for you and Dan?

A: Dan and I have been playing together for years. Our first band, Amethyst, had their first gig when I was nine [at the Shriners Hospital in Springfield, Mass] [but] we have most definitely had some moments of rivalry. There were many things and tantrums thrown over the years. I must say however, that when things got serious for the band and we started going on the road it sort of morphed into an “us against them” sort of thing. We tend to unite along with the other guys instead of getting at it amongst ourselves. So I guess our secret for not killing each other is finding a common enemy. They’re out there and we’ve conveniently found a great way to come together against them.